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TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews

First Choice has joined forces with TripAdvisor
to bring you hotel reviews from the world’s
largest travel reviews site.

The best way to find out what a hotel’s really like is from people that know best – the guests.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with TripAdvisor. It’s the world’s largest online travel community – we’re talking 20 million members and more than 45 million reviews and opinions.

And rest assured – all these holiday reviews are completely unbiased. They’re the honest opinions of real people who’ve been there.

Here’s the lowdown on TripAdvisor hotel reviews…

Overall ratings

Overall ratings

For starters, as part of all hotel and resort reviews, members give ‘overall’ scores from 1 - for Poor to 5 - meaning Excellent. These scores let you know what they thought of their stay on the whole.

Specific area ratings

Specific area ratings

You'll also find individual ratings for things like rooms, location, cleanliness and more. These ratings tell you exactly what the traveller thought about each area of the hotel - and where there's room for improvement.

Travellers Choice Awards

Travellers Choice Awards

You'll notice some hotel reviews show the Travellers Choice Award. These awards are given out each year to the places that are top of the list as far as TripAdvisor members are concerned.

Traveller’s Choice award winners as chosen from a combination of the TripAdvisor Popularity Index – a traveller satisfaction score based on several sources – and travellers’ ratings for each aspect of a hotel – such as cleanliness, value and suitability.

Where can I find TripAdvisor hotel reviews?

Where can I find TripAdvisor hotel reviews?

Found a hotel you like on the First Choice website? Scroll down the hotel details page to the reviews section to see the five most recent reviews and ratings.

To read the full review, just click ‘more’ at the end of the text. Alternatively, clicking on the review title opens the TripAdvisor website where you can a full list of hotel reviews. You can also do this using the ‘Reviews in English’ link.

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When you're back from your holiday - why not add your own hotel review and let the world know what you thought of your holiday with First Choice? Simply visit the TripAdvisor website to become a member and start helping other travellers with their holiday plans.


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