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    Tuesday 1st November was an important date in the calendar here at First Choice and Thomson HQ. That’s when we embraced the hi-tech world of e-ticketing.

    E-tickets are now available for anyone who’s booked a beach holiday on either or Instead of sending you a mini ticket booklet through the post, we’ll email your tickets – and any associated travel vouchers – as a pdf attachment around six weeks before you’re due to fly. You can then either print off your tickets from the email or, if it’s more convenient, print them from your own personalised website, ‘myfirstchoice’ or ‘mythomson’. If you’d like a bit more information about how these websites work, click here.

    Two of the big benefits of e-ticketing are…

    It’s Easy It means you can keep everything online, from booking your holiday to receiving your tickets.

    It’s Better For The Environment It helps us meet our Holidays Forever commitments by cutting down on the amount of paper we use and reducing our carbon emissions.

    First In Line…

    To mark the launch, we dished out gifts to our very first e-ticket customers at Manchester and Gatwick airports.

    Mr and Mrs Sharp ManchesterMr and Mrs Sharp, from the Leeds area, checked in for their flight to Malaga at 3.20am on 1st November. The couple – who flew from Manchester – are spending a week at the Angela Hotel in Fuengirola. They’re loyal Thomson customers and were first to use the new e-ticketing system, giving lots of positive feedback in the process.

    The Sharps enjoyed a glass of bubbly at the Thomson and First Choice check-in desk, plus they got a £30 Thomson Airways voucher to spend onboard their flight.

    Mr. and Mrs Smith e-ticketingOver at Gatwick, Mr and Mrs Smith, and their grandson, checked in for their flight to Alicante at 3am on the same day.

    They found the new e-ticketing system really easy to understand, too. They went on their way with a bottle of bubbly and £30 of Thomson Airways vouchers.



    Here’s what some of our other customers had to say about the new e-tickets…

    “The new e-tickets are better because you don’t worry about your tickets not turning up in the post.”

    “It was very easy to log in to myfirstchoice and print off my e-ticket.”

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2 Responses to “3, 2, 1 – lift off! It’s the launch of e-ticketing at First Choice and Thomson…”

  1.' Mr G Dickinson Apr 29, 2016

    Not impressed at all – We can not check in nor print e-ticket or our flight from Manchester

    •' Gemma Walters Apr 30, 2016

      Hi, Once you’ve checked in online, you’ll see a ‘print button’ whenever you log in to the Flight Extras website. Click this button and your boarding passes will appear ready to be printed. You’ll be able to log in up to 6 hours before your outward flight to print your outbound and return boarding passes, or up to 25 hours before your flight home, to print the pass for your return flight only. To visit our Flight Extras website please use the following link: If you’re still unable to print your boarding passes, you can collect them from the Thomson Airways bag drop desk when you arrive at the airport. ^Kayley