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Travel Smart With The New Travel Money Card

First Choice Travel Money Card

Heard about the new Travel Money Card? It’s set to revolutionise the way we spend abroad…

Travel Money Card LeafletEasy money…

Deciding how to take your holiday spends abroad isn’t always the easiest. Cash – hassle-free but not necessarily the most secure way of doing things. Traveller’s cheques – secure but sometimes a bit of a faff. Credit cards – okay, but then there’s the exchange rate confusion and extra charges to think about. Thankfully, with First Choice’s new Travel Money Card, things have just got a lot more straightforward. Travel Money Cards are debit cards designed especially for holidaymakers. They’re available from all First Choice travel shops and work a bit like a pay-as-you-go mobile. You simply charge them up with as much credit – in either euros or dollars – as you like*. And because they’re valid for three years, you can top them up and use them again.

You don’t get charged commission or a purchase fee when you buy or reload your card. And the really great thing about them is, because they’re a fully-branded MasterCard, you can use them in most shops, supermarkets and restaurants– more than 28 million places worldwide, in fact. They’re hole-in-the-wall friendly, too – a million ATMs across the world accept them. The daily withdrawal limit is either €250 or $300, and the cards are really competitive, with ATM withdrawals charged at just €2 or $3†.

Safety in numbers

From a security point of view, the Travel Money Card is the best thing you can take with you. Because it’s not linked to your bank account, your savings are safe if it falls into the wrong hands. And because it’s PIN-protected, a thief will need a miracle to stand a chance of cracking your code. Best of all, there’s a refund service so should the worst happen, you’ll get replacement funds through within 48 hours. The Travel Money Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day and can provide replacement funds in over 100 countries around the world.

There are other perks, too. For example, the exchange rate is agreed when you buy the card, so you don’t need to worry about fluctuating rates. You can keep track of your spending thanks to a balance-checking text message service. And here’s a hot tip – you can use your Travel Money Card as a means of saving for your holiday spends – just top up at regular intervals in the run up to your break and you’ll avoid having to find that lump sum just before you go. Clever, eh?

Get your hands on a Travel Money Card by clicking the link. For more information visit First Choice foreign exchange.

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  1. ducharmewarren@yahoo.com' FrankMiller

    Its always the customer that foots the bill, its absolutely shameless the way our Government treats us consumers, we have every right to leave this blighted island of ours and enjoy a tropical beach, without having to pay through the nose for it !


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