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Friday Round-up

It’s the weekend, folks… get excited!

Dreaming of sunnier climes? Check out this quaint scene in Italy’s Campania region. Makes us dream of blue skies and, erm, bird bunting…


Our new obsession. Beware, you’ll get hooked on it for hours on end…

Awkward, much?

What we can learn from Holly Golightly’s pad.

Fan of Doctor Who? Might want to watch this.

A fascinating (vertical) look at Hong Kong.

How historical figures would have looked today. Hilarious.

Obsessed with The Great Gatsby? Then you’ll need this decor.

If you’re a chocolate-lover (who isn’t?), then this is the festival for you.

It’s that time again. Eurovision. Here’s how to make it even more fun.

Speaking of Eurovision, this is why we love Bonnie Tyler…


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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