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Friday Round-up

Not only do we have that Friday feeling, we’ve also got that 3-day weekend feeling…

This photo got us to thinking – palm tree or stairway to heaven? Not that you’d ever want to leave Mauritius


As soon as we get proper sunshine in the UK, we’re heading straight here.

Photoshop is an amazing thing, especially when it involves domestic cats and safari animals.

The new ride at SeaWorld Orlando looks really ‘cool’…

7-minute workout? If that’s all it takes for a beach body, we’ re in. 

The age-old question: is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?

Who will snag the best jobs in the world?

If you’re wondering what do this bank holiday, here are some ideas…

Guess what day it is tomorrow?

We’re still obsessing over The Great Gatsbyhere are some style icons from the 20s.

Check out the 7 essentials you won’t want to be caught without when flying.


Have a fantastic long weekend, folks!

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