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Friday Round-up

It’s the weekend and the sun has finally got its hat on – time to dust off those BBQs…

We don’t know about you, but the buzz of the Marrakesh souks is pretty similar to that Friday feeling we’ve got…


London in 1926. In colour. Amazing.

Heading out for a picnic this weekend? This is the perfect accessory…

Philip Treacy collaborated with Thomson to design an amazing range of sunhats… fancy winning one with Elle magazine?

This is cheesy. But it really made us chuckle.

Famous lookalikes. Hilarious.

You will lose about 5 hours of your day reading through these travel facts.

How vegans can survive cheese/meat-crazy Europe.

If you were a 70s or 80s child, this video is a must.

So you’re looking for a companion for your sunlounger? Look no further.

We’re on the edges of our seats for this.


Have a fantastic weekend, folks!


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4 Responses to “First Choice Goes On Sunset Safari At ZSL London Zoo”

  1. jeffmarshallcmc@aol.com' Jeff Marshall

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I wasn’t able to purchase the Aviator Gents watch above the last time I flew as they had none onboard. Can you please let me know how I can purchase one???


    Jeff Marshall

    • daniel.oneill@thomson.co.uk' Daniel Oneill

      Hello Jeff, We do have a range of watches available to purchase on board, but these are subject to availability and we wouldn’t be able to find out if these are available beforehand. ^Daniel

  2. s.pritchard@everymanplayhouse.com' Sean Pritchard

    I have still not been refunded for APD on my recent holiday
    Booking reference:
    Please could you let me know when I can expect this refund?
    Many thanks
    Sean Pritchard

    • gemma.walters@thomson.co.uk' Gemma Walters

      Hi Sean, APD refunds are only for bookings that were confirmed before the 08th December. If we can help with anything else please let us know. Thank you ^Gemma


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