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    Book: Pear Shaped by Stella Newman

    Release Date: Out Now

    Pear Shaped Stella NewmanThere’s one thing you need to be aware of before you start this book – it’s going to make you hungry, very, very hungry. In fact, food is almost a character itself in the story, and Newman’s mouth-watering descriptions of French toast with strawberry butter and zesty orange and almond cake had me salivating as I turned each page.

    On to the story itself. The protagonist, Sophie Klein, is a 33-year-old pudding developer, and I fell in love with her on page one. Quick-witted, feisty and funny, she’s like Bridget Jones but naughtier. The book kicks off when Sophie meets love interest James Stephens in a bar. He’s charming, rich and self-assured, but more Daniel Cleaver than Mark Darcy. Sophie and James begin a heated romance, but problems arise when James tells size-10 Sophie she isn’t his normal ‘type’, and he usually goes for 21-year-old size-zero model types.

    While the plot itself is a little thin, laugh-out-loud moments come thick and fast thanks to Newman’s witty writing and the amusing supporting characters. I especially loved Sophie’s obnoxious boss, Devron, and her annoying junkie neighbour, Amber.

    All in all, this is a story about love, self-worth and, ultimately, what’s worth worrying about in life and what isn’t. And, even though I found myself crying out in frustration at Sophie’s reluctance to stand up to jerky James, I really enjoyed reading it. What’s more, I think any normal girl that likes a proper bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning or a Chinese takeaway on a Saturday night will do, too.

    P.S Make sure you read the extra section at the back of the book. The author has added in the addresses of some of her favourite places to eat in London and NYC – I thought it was a really nice touch.

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