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The End of the World Travel Bucket List!

The End of the World Travel Bucket List

What would you do with your last year on earth?

There has been a lot of speculation about the end of the world in recent months, which got us thinking – how would you most like to spend your final 11 months on Earth? We avidly set to work and polled over 2,000 people online in the United Kingdom via YouGov, as well as contacting some truly awesome travel bloggers. The results were surprising; in fact most people knew exactly how they would like to spend their last months on Earth.

While spending time with family came at the top of the list, with 51 per cent of respondents selecting this, travel came second, with 22 per cent of those questioned wanting to see the world. This got everyone at First Choice HQ thinking: we ought to find out which destinations these people should see before the world ends; that’s where travel bloggers came to the fore. As people in the know, they were the best folks to advise us on the mammoth task of creating a travel bucket list.

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The End of the World Travel Bucket List Infographic

According to 21 of the best travel bloggers, if the world ended in December 2012 as foretold, people should visit India first and Iceland second, with China, Argentina and Antarctica also making the top 5. If they knew the world was going to end they would spread the word via social media, so now might be the time to follow them on Twitter, just saying! They also believed that people should spend their last moments in a beautiful place and they would most want to spend time travelling down Route 66 in an American classic car.

Keith Jenkins who runs the acclaimed Velvet Escape travel blog said: “I would tell my readers to seek inspiration in the world’s natural and cultural diversity, or challenge their boundaries by doing something they have never done before, whether that is skydiving or swimming with whale sharks.”

Zoe Dawes who runs the award winning blog The Quirky Traveller said: “If I were to suggest one place to see before the end of the world it would be Bhutan. It has the best aspects of all the destinations I have ever been to. As a country it embodies many of the principles that I try to reflect on my blog – travel in mind, body and spirit.

“But let’s hope the world doesn’t end, there are still too many places to see!”

What would you do if this was your last year on Earth? Leave a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #seeitin2012.

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Many thanks to the bloggers who helped us create this infographic:

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