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Check-in times

Online check in

We’re committed to making your time at the airport even easier, which is why we’ve launched online check-in for Thomson Airways flights. You can check in and print your boarding passes at home, so, at the airport, simply drop off your bags and head through to the departure lounge.

Talking of your bags, if you’ve checked in online, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham airports will take them off your hands the day before – ideal if you’ve got an early flight. And if you’d like to book extra kilos to avoid any unexpected charges at the airport, or you need to book space for sports equipment, you’ll be able to tick off both during the online check-in process.

If you’re intending to use our day before bag drop service at Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham, you must have checked-in online first. When dropping your bags, you will need to show your home printed boarding passes to our airport staff. Please visit www.flightextras.thomson.co.uk to check-in online and print your boarding passes.


Can I drop off my bags at the airport the day before I fly?

Yes - if you're flying with Thomson Airways from Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham, and your flight departs during the morning, you can drop off your luggage from 12.00 midday to 10pm the day before you fly. That said, Day Before Bag Drop is subject to availability, and isn't available for Lapland flights.

If you’d like to use the Day Before Bag Drop service, you’ll need to check in online before you travel. When you drop off your bags, you’ll need to show your home-printed boarding passes at the desk.

Visit www.flightextras.thomson.co.uk to check in online and print your boarding passes.

Cruise holidays
You can drop off your luggage the day before if you're going on a cruise holiday, except when you're flying out to join a Thomson Cruise in the Caribbean, Sharm El Sheikh or Malaga - Costa del Sol. This is due to luggage and medical screening requirements.

The day before you fly
Only one person from your party needs to go to check-in, providing all passengers are travelling on the same booking. They'll need to bring passports, e-tickets, printed boarding passes, and luggage for everyone on the booking, and must be able to vouch for the contents of the luggage. They'll receive luggage receipts and can then leave the airport.

Travelling to the USA, Cuba or Mexico? If you're going to one of these destinations, you'll be able to drop off your bags the day before, but you'll need to return to the Bag Drop desk on your day of departure to complete some extra security checks. You'll then be given you boarding passes.

The day you fly
Return to the airport and - if you've already got your boarding pass - go straight to airport security. All passengers must have their individual boarding passes before going through security to the departure lounge. Make sure you reach the departure gate at least 1 hour before your flight is due to leave. If you want to check in any more bags, you'll need to return to the Bag Drop desk.

What time do I need to drop off my bags at the airport?

UK Airports
At UK airports, Bag Drop desks open 2 to 3 hours before your departure time. If you're taking a long haul flight, we recommend you drop off your bags 3 hours before your flight leaves.

Only one person from your party is required to drop off the bags, provided all passengers are travelling on the same booking reference. Just one of you needs to bring all printed boarding passes, passports and luggage to the Bag Drop desk, and then you can all go straight to the departure gates together with your tickets and boarding passes.

Resort Airports
Check-in desks at resort airports usually open 2 hours before departure.

Bag drop desk closing times
At both UK airports and resort airports, desks usually close 45 minutes before departure, so make sure you've checked in at least an hour before you're due to fly.

Checking in with other airlines
Recommended check-in times vary depending on which airline you're travelling with, so make sure you check your tickets for details on when you need to check-in and arrive at the boarding gate.