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First Choice - The Home of All Inclusive


From hand luggage sizes to taking your windsurfer on holiday, answers to all your baggage queries.

  • Baggage allowance

    • What is my baggage allowance?
    • How can I increase my baggage allowance?
  • Excess baggage

    • When do excess baggage fees apply?
    • How much does excess baggage cost?
    • When and how are excess baggage fees paid?
  • Hand luggage

    • What hand luggage can I take on board?
    • What items are not allowed in my hand luggage?
    • What items are not allowed on board at all?
  • Luggage delays and damage

    • What happens if my luggage is delayed?
    • What if my luggage is lost?
    • What if my luggage is damaged?
    • What if items are discovered to be missing from my luggage?