Memories Splash Punta Cana

This hotel has gone to town with its new waterpark. It also packs in pools, restaurants and a glut of sports and activities.

Tropical gardens set the scene for the new waterpark here – it’s got all sorts on the bill, from speedy chutes to mini-slides for kids. There’s a trio of pools to pick from, too.

The hotel sits close to a sandy beach that hosts everything from volleyball to snorkelling. And inside, rooms are modern and stocked with big beds, USB charging stations and a balcony or terrace.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Full Board meals. Unlimited 24-hour snacks.


Unlimited international brand drinks. Re-stocked minibar.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Onsite waterpark

The waterpark here is on site. The line-up includes rides like the Hidrotubo, the Rollercoaster and the Black Hole. They’ll get your adrenaline pumping with loads of twists and turns. And the Black Hole has a hair-raising vertical drop. These slides are for riders over 120cm.

Kids have a play zone with water jets and mini slides. Just so you know, kids under 6 must have an adult with them. You’ll find a multi-lane slide and wave pool here, too – under 12s must be with an adult in the wave pool. The restaurant and bar offer soft drinks, and they're included as part of your All Inclusive package.


The spa offers a sauna, steam room and whirlpool bath, as well as a list of treatments.

2 outdoor relax pools

Two of the pools provide a laid-back backdrop for the chill-out zone.

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premium double room

Premium double room sleeps up to 4 with 2 queen-size or 1 king-size bed. Bluetooth audio station, coffee maker and USB recharge station are provided. Premium rooms are larger than Deluxe double rooms.

double deluxe room with jacuzzi®

Double deluxe room with Jacuzzi® sleeps 2 with 2 queen-size or 1 king-size bed. Bluetooth audio station, coffee maker and USB recharge station are provided.

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Memories Splash - good and bad experience

Memories Splash - Punta Cana is a nice resort, but do need some improvements in terms of service, most of the staff lack the English knowledge and it is hard to communicate with them. But overall, the food is great as well as the rooms. The staff on the front desk were very helpful along with the entertainment staff such as Mary and others. One bad experience we had is with the photo shop folks, two of them were extremely nice, but this one fellow named "Wilson" was the worst. He was very rude for a place that thrive to offer a good service. I will never allow anyone of my family to take any more photos even if I get them for free.More

Joe H, Toronto, Canada

Great place

I have to say our trip to this resort did not start out well. We had booked through our timeshare and there seemed to be some confusion about our reservation. After being continually passed off to other people and 3.5 hours later we finally had a room. It was very upsetting after so many hours of travel. I don't usually get upset, but at this point both my husband and I were fuming. I had to stand in their faces and eventually we got a room. That being said, the rest of our stay was great. The pools were amazing and relaxing, the staff (besides what happened at the front desk) were very nice and helpful. The water park was great with no lines for the rides. The beach was beautiful and just a short walk from our side through the Royalton. The food was good-not great but was good. We booked all our activities through here and found very competitive prices. I would stay here again even after our check in experience. The taxi was about 20 minutes from the airport and cost $40. You can't really leave the resort easily to walk down the street because it is pretty secluded like most of the other resorts there. If you find you do want to go somewhere they will arrange a taxi for you.More

Sara C, Cameron Park, California

service,food & drinks with a smile (the guy with the boombx) vinny b

My wife,mother in law& friends,a total of seven (my 4 friends first tme on vacation in DR & first time on a al inclusive trip)We returned on 09/21/14 . We stayed at the Memories (wow) Splash for 1wk. Lets start by saying thxs to the staff who made this trip memorable (as they call it memories) I cannot say much about the Royalton,service & STAFF not very friendly. But back to thanking a few staff members who help to make this trip memorable, First of all my best guy MAXIMO who is the waiter at buffet breakfast & also at dinner next are DORITOS manager at bkfst buffet who help MAXIMO with my 25th anniversary planning. Then there are my 2 bartenders JOSELO/ROSELIO at the Social Bar also i would like to thank ANGELA/VICTORIA who are the waitresses at the Social Bar .Then there is the sous chef JESUS who made sure my dinners were enjoyable. MR HUNTER (owner of Memories Splash) if you read these comments u have some excellent staff members working for u at Memories Splash, .Also i would like to say thanks to the house keeping staff JOE/OLIVER the supervisor of house keeping .I KNOW when some people read this they may think this my first trip but guess what this my tenth time in DR. Where in D/R do u get lobster for dinner everynight.. .Of all the trips i have made to the islands in the caribbean this is the best hotel my wife & I also my mother in law have been to. I would RECOMMEND this hotel to anybody whether with kids ,couple or young adult . Hey QIQCO/ROBERTO THNXS for the great memories and keeping all seven of us together There are so many others to thank .More

vinny and sandr... b, Brampton, Canada

The only review you need to read!

The reviews you will see here on Trip Advisor for Memories Splash/ Royalton are all spot on except for those rare few that seem to think that just because they had a bad experience in the airport merits lowering the star rating for the resort. (You know who you are, get off the site you cry babies). That being said, Some reviews sound like obvious plants especially when they suspiciously name drop employees, it’s the stuff that make you go hmmmm. After experiencing Memories Splash/Royalton for 8 days I have come to write the only review you need to read. To start, international travel is never easy. Coming in to PUJ airport you will have to pay 10 dollars a person for a tourist card, that’s it. All other taxes are included in your airline ticket including the price to leave the country, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. The airport has many parts that have no A/C so it can get hot. Just make sure you fill out all the paperwork before you hit that line so you can move along through it as fast as possible. Getting around the airport can be stressful if you don’t know exactly where you’re going. You will be swarmed by guys looking to “carry your luggage” or “take you where you’re going”. If you make a wrong turn you can end up being told directions and then being subjected to a sales pitch for some excursions. Even taxi’s get in on it and try to schedule “confirmation” meetings to ensure you have rides everywhere you want to go. It’s all connected, so don’t pause and look lost, get to where you have to go and don’t stop and talk to every tom, dick or Jose just because they ask you a question. TIP #1- You can find taxi’s to rent (shared or private) online that will be ready with your name on a sign. This saves the headache of negotiating prices or having to listen to sales pitches. Get one with air condition; it’s about 30 minutes to the hotel. ONWARD TO MEMORIES SPLASH!!! Check in for Memories Splash went smoothly though I did see many unhappy people in the lobby waiting for a room to be ready and it was well beyond 3:00pm. I feel I was fortunate in this regard. The people in the front desk DO speak English, just not when you’re being a big jerky to them. I did notice communication was an issue when someone had a heavy accent. I was super nice to the girl who was clearly having a stressful day and spoke briefly about my upgrading options. I was not interested in the Diamond Club; I was only interested in the room upgrades available. Let me tell you, being nice gets you VERY far because this lovely girl got me an upgrade (free) in building 9. Building 7, 8, 9 are the best buildings right now in Memories Splash. They are close to everything and are pristine. I was SO happy to get this room, it made the vacation. I made sure to tip her very well for this. How did I get better service than others? I feel it was mostly because of my attitude but also because I didn’t have many demands. Some of the demands are completely understandable though and I wish memories Splash made it easier to communicate with them when it came to booking. I speak Spanish and had a difficult time prior to my arrival when it came to what I wanted to book for. I wanted information on room size, location, etc. and had to go through every nook and cranny online to find ANY details on this place. I’ll be doing video reviews on you tube to help people in the future. One of the main issues is that the buildings have no elevators. This can be a problem for people who can’t get up stairs or expect to drink a lot. I say drink a lot because the railings are low and it’s easy to just flip right over it. While the buildings are beautiful and the grounds are gorgeous, our Jacuzzi premium room had a major problem. The shower is positioned directly across from the living room/sleeping area meaning anybody taking a shower is going to be giving a show. This is a problem for many families and privacy should have been thought out when it came to designing these rooms. A simple curtain could have closed off the area and viola! Problem solved. Everything else about the room was great, cleaned daily and some of the BEST air conditioning I have ever experienced. I love my hotel rooms cold and it was pure joy down to my fun Yuns when I would open up that room in the middle of the hot humid weather and get hit with a blast of cold air. ahhhhhhhh TIP #2 – Beware the ones wearing Grey. There’s a lot that we were prepared for going in to this vacation and STILL had issues with. The employees that were trying to sell time share for example were especially a challenge. Avoiding them actually became a little game we played and in the end my wife and I agreed to play “Good cop Bad Cop” where one of us would just pretend we were fighting and say “now was not a good time” totally worked man. I mean if you want to spend 2 hours of your life in a time share presentation go right ahead, Me, I hate those things and being a New Yorker I also hate when someone pretends to be nice only to try to bait me to buy something I don’t want. If they have a grey shirt on they are time share. If they invite you for anything it’s Time Share. If they tell you they will get you some drinks and meet them at some social bar, you’re being suckered into a sales pitch…for time share. Ye Have been warned. But the actual employees of this resort were great. I mean as in any resort you will have your few who hate their job, who don’t refill your water or come back with an item you requested. Its ok, I don’t do my job 100% either and you will eventually come across a few that will stand out and go out of their way to make your vacation memorable. Tip # 3 – TIP! On the topic of tipping, I hate tipping, I believe it sets a poor precedent where service is provided upon gratuity and not’s your job. We witnessed a gradual decline in service in the breakfast buffet we visited every day to the point where they just stopped passing by to offer anything. This in turn led me to not leave anything for tip. Thing is, I was leaving tip already, left and right and up and down. I know how to tip and it was one night I didn’t take my wallet with me and I felt that the next day and the day after that. I wasn’t imagining it. Despite that, I did tip our restaurant waiters and bartenders and those taking our luggage around and even the taxi driver. I wish I could have tipped the people who ran the kids club house but every time we went someone new was in there, I couldn’t determine who deserved what. Thankfully service was excellent in other areas that made up for the other lack of service we were experiencing. There are people there who are super nice to you and don’t care for a tip ..THOSE are the people you tip! TIP #4 – Wear Water Shoes!!! Another issue is how damn slippery the water park is; I mean it’s bonkers how bad it was. We witnessed a man carrying a baby who fell and landed on top of the baby, it was horrific to see and we are sure the baby got injured. After that incident we saw them put some tracks down by the stairs and be a little firmer as to who was allowed on what but still, a lot of the slipping happened just trying to walk to get towels. I had to walk like I had to use the bathroom and I would STILL slip. But the water park itself is so much fun and my son never wanted to leave. It’s a wonderful addition and if they somehow added a lazy river I don’t think we would have left. Just make sure you have some kind of water shoes and you’ll be ok. Tip #5 – Bring Stomach medicine I see many complain about the quality of food but every single day there was something that stood out. Whether it was paella by the pool or grilled meats or sushi or lobsters, there was always something. I am a bit of a foodie and while the buffets were not as good as say, something you would find in Las Vegas or Atlantis, it was nowhere near as bad as some have complained about on here. Now I have an iron stomach, I enjoy eating cold pizza for breakfast and burritos with hot sauce. I can handle it and I still caught a little something in this resort. I didn’t even go crazy eating everything; I stood away from things that looked fishy. Tip #6 – Watch out if you have Fish Allergies!!!! We witnessed a woman get an attack because something fishy was on her French fries. This resort does little to consider allergies. Tip #7 Kids Clubhouse ROCKS, dump your kids there! Look. I love my kid, I really do, I want him to experience everything we do but sometimes I need a break from that stinker. Every good parent needs a break and the kid’s clubhouse is the PERFECT spot. First off it’s completely safe. Do not worry about someone stealing your kid and you having to get all Liam Neeson on them. They take them out around the resort for nature walks or playing in the sand or kiddie pools but there’s always a team, a strong team. My son is very timid and shy and he fell in love with this clubhouse. The activities inside were awesome and they kept them busy from playing in the playhouses to climbing the special climbing tree they have to playing modern video games (ps3 ,Xbox and Wii u). This club house experience was a daily thing, to the point where we had enough of our “quiet time” together and we force him to spend time with us. He was very comfortable around the staff and language barrier was never an issue (again..they speak English). I still can’t believe he climbed a tree!!I must admit I teared a little bit when I saw him climbing the tree they have, it was a manly tear…I sucked that tear back into my manly eyeball...but emotions were there. The clubhouse is AMAZING Tip #8 – Don’t bother going to that gift shop area next to the hotel. That was beyond ridiculous. People begging me to enter their store and begging me to buy something. It was embarrassing. All we wanted to do was walk around and look but if you absolutely MUST go then here’s a fun fact that will help. Every store is the SAME. It’s not like you will find different wares, it’s all the same! If you enter you will be harassed. Ye have been warned. You want to buy something, buy it in the hotel. They have good shops and duty free stuff. Overall Memories Splash was an incredibly relaxing beautiful vacation getaway. We loved it all . We knew going in that to get to the beach you needed to take the trolley (which runs every few minutes) but we loved the ride. Sometimes we would just stay on it and enjoy the views and the day. The beach had some seaweed and was a little rough but it was GORGEOUS. I mean I have new York beaches that look like glorified sewers. To be able to see my hand under the water…meant a lot to me. The sand was soft and I didn’t fear stepping on a needle and getting some kind of flesh eating virus. It was just so great . I never felt like I was missing out on anything with the Diamond club but if you have the money, those extra touches are nice including the seating areas by the beach. I can write more but this is already pushing it, I will make videos putting more detail into what to expect in this great place that exceeded our expectations. Thank you Memories Splash for making our 10 year anniversary an unforgettable one.More

Ruben C, New York, New York, United States

Overall experience

Firstly service was good, problems getting change but, room was nice clean comfortable, except the fan in the ceiling kept us awake for a while, squeaked all night, food was average in the buffet's, Al a carte Italian was good, under the sea was good nice lobster was way over done but ok, Mexican restaurant was very good had dinner twice and my hats off to the Chef Elvis Jesus went out of his way to make us a whole fried snapper the second time he saw us there. Overall it was nice just too many restrictions for their upgrade sister resort Royalton where excess to beach and other restaurants were located and also the poolside felt like guests from Memories were kind of discriminated and also identified. It was nice to see Flamingos and Peacocks.More

Mohamed K,

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