Hotel Club Jandia Princess

With 4 pools, à la carte dining and special adults-only areas, this hotel knows how to keep everyone happy.

Thanks to its hillside spot, this hotel has fantastic views across the Atlantic. And it won’t take you long to reach the sea and sand – you can get to Playa de Esquinzo via steps at the back of the hotel.

What’s great about this hotel is that it has adults-only bits – including an à la carte restaurant, a bar and 3 of the 4 pools. And at night, you’ve a choice of venues depending on whether you want music or shows.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Full Board buffet meals. Snacks. Afternoon cakes and pastries. Ice-cream 11.00-17.00.


Unlimited local alcoholic beverages and soft drinks 10.00-23.00.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Outdoor pool

A large size pool and just next to the children's pool, so you can keep an eye on the little ones from the comfort of your sunbed. It's heated in winter and there's a sun terrace with standard sunbeds, and Balinese sunbeds at a charge.

Wellness centre*

You've got a Turkish bath, Zen area, sauna, whirlpool bath, the gym and Balinese beds. And there's a variety of massages to pick from.

Daytime activity programme

Various activities to take part in, such as water polo, darts, aqua gym and pilates.

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superior twin room

Superior twin room sleeps up to 4 with a mini-fridge.

twin room with sea view

Twin room with sea view sleeps up to 4 with a twin beds and a sofa-bed or similar and has a mini-fridge.

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not a platinum hotel

Booked this hotel through thomson online, who didn't book us in the adults only section so b4 we even got there, they had ruined our holiday cos we didn't end up with seaview! The adults only is a bit misleading especially the resturant. We were told it's an adults only rest but it's only the seating area that is adults only. It was like being in a cattle market. Hellish!. Food is poor. The meat was very tough and the fish had bones in every mouthful. To get to the food was a awful experience everynight. Long queues, people treading on your toes to rush in front of you. Just awful. Nearly every morning we were there the milk had run out and we had to stand there with our cereal in our bowls waiting a good ten mins for them to bring the milk which was warm! I like my milk cold. They don't even say sorry for the wait. They don't mix the right foods together if you ask me. Nice chicken with a lovely gravy (only good thing they do) but then there is no potatoes on that night? strange to me. The adults only pools are very small and overcrowded. If you weren't down by 9/9.30am you wouldn't get a lounger. And no parsols! never been to a hotel that don't supply those. Familys get a blue wrist band, adults only get silver but if you upgrade you get black. With the black they got better drinks and they were served to you and you can jump the queue which is absolutley terrible. You can be waiting for 10 mins to be served and along comes someone with a black wrist band and they get served b4 you! How can that be customer satisfaction for the ones who have queued up first? Very very bad system. The staff here can hardly speak english so can never help you out. There were a few on reception who were friendly. The soft drinks are really really bad here. Most times all they tasted of was soda water, which you can see coming out as you pour. I don;t know how they can get away with this when they are offering an All-incl service with free drinks which aren't the proper thing. Also don't know about you but i would rather eat my food without flies all over my food. There are flies over everything in the cafe where you have to eat in during the day. Nothing is covered, terrible. Most days i ended up throwing stuff due to the amount of flies. The ice-cream was nice but selfish people kept leaving the door open so the ice-cream ended up just melting. Should be a better system in place for that. Obviously it was being wasted and thrown which i can't believe a hotel as big as this, they haven't cottoned on and made changes. This hotel is a very big hotel and the little things that mean a lot and make your holiday that bit special are over looked at this hotel. The maids work very hard as do the waiting staff. There aren't enough waiting staff though and us, the customers suffer due to this. Tables aren't cleared away quick enough and nor are the table cleaned properly due to the quick turn around they have to do. This is not the staff's fault but obvoiusly the managements. There was a lady (& sometimes a man) who would greet you on the evening meal. Now if all the staff had been like them, well maybe it would have been better. Also it states you get pool towels but you only get them changed 3 times during a weeks stay (or if you want to pay the high price to upgrade to black, you would get them changed everyday). The team who are in charge of the entertainment do work very hard, don't get me wrong, but the entertainment is awful. Again not their fault but the management. very outdated shows and very funny (which they aren't meant to be-sorry). Our pool that we used (the relax pool) was never cleaned the whole week. The tiles were sticky and long hair stuck everywhere the whole time we were there. The maids to me are also over worked and they do, do their best but i know they change the towels and empty bins but alot goes uncleaned. The grounds are kept lovely and if the time and money that was spent keeping the grounds so nice was spent in other areas of this hotel it would be a 4 star but never a 5*. We spoke to some people who had stayed in gran canaria at a princess only adults hotel and they said that was really worth going to and they loved it there. I think this one is just too big and things aren't kept on top of. So if you like your food and you like it without flys on, you like proper branded drinks, even down to soft drinks, you don't like to be on top on one another when you're trying to sunbathe on a lounger (you can actually touch the stranger next to you), you like half decent entertainment, and you don't have to upgrade (more money) just to receive proper branded drinks that were advertised in the first place, or to get pool towels everyday, or to be pushed in front of after queueing for 10 mins or more, then people this is not the hotel for you. Those who don't complain about these things then you are easily pleased. Because holidays cost alot of money and take a while to save up for so when i go away I EXPECT to get what the hotel are advertising. If you want an adults only hotel don't be fooled into thinking this will do the trick. At least the weather was beautiful which always makes things look better and you can make do but this wasn't cheap and quite frankly, I don't go on holiday to make do, DO YOU? so hard working staff but just not enough of them, which is a shame for them cos they do their very best. Bad on the people higher up. lastly the rooms here are all in blocks away from main reception area and most are quite a distance away from everything so if you have mobilty issue this is a big no no. Lots of steps to get from one area to another and coming back from the pool there is a incline. The hotel is not near anywhere so you would need to pay out on taxis. We hired a car but there is nothing to do on the island apart from a Zoo, but we went just for a rest, knowing it wasn't going to be a very pretty place to go off visiting areas. Thomsons should not advertise this as a platinum or 4/5*. very bad on you. Mind you if you can't get a booking right, there's not much hope you're going to get the rating of a hotel correct. For what we paid it was a utter rip off.More

julia b, west midlands

More like a 3 star

We stayed here as a party of 6 adults & a 2yr old. Upon arriving we waited a long time to be checked in, Champagne was offered around which I thought was a nice touch. We were told that 2 out of the 3 rooms weren't ready they would be another hour or so. Once we finally able to have our room keys they had upgraded us to a black band for the inconvenience. The rooms were spacious & clean. The main faults with the hotel are the location & food. If you want to be in easy walking distance to shops, restaurants or bars this isn't for you. Everywhere is a taxi ride away. Although there was a lot of choice of food, it wasn't to great quality. The late breakfast they do in bar next to the pool is much nicer. Overall the hotel was ok but certainly not worthy of the 5T that Thomson states. I wouldn't return because of the location & The price that we paid for a '5T' Thomson holiday it's not worth the money.More


Maids are thieves!

The only good thing about this hotel is the entertainment team they deserve 5 stars!! They seem to work from 9.30ish in the morning until gone 10 at night! And they are always smiling, dunno how they do it. But as the title says, we got stuff stolen even though we used the safe....the safe you have to pay extra for?? Ridiculous! Staff are rude especially chus who works in the sports bar! Ruined our 2 week holiday! If you value your belongings don't go here More


Book somewhere else

If you are looking for a 4 or 5 star platinum level all inclusive then don't book the Jandia princess. This hotel is a poor example of the princess brand and should not be advertised as a platinum level hotel. I am very surprised to see people providing such positive feedback below, this is certainly not reflective of the views of people we meet during our 10 day stay. Overview Check in as stated by many before me is incredibly slow. When we checked in we unfortunately we're not provided with very much information including basic things such as how to obtain beach towels (ironically via reception but they didn't think to tell us that or prove the towels when we checked in) or where any of the facilities were located such as the main restaurant etc. We were not shown where our room was or helped with our luggage and although we managed fine given all the rooms are a fair walk away with step inclines, multiple levels and no lifts this would not be ideal for everyone. Safety deposit boxes are available however are not included and you need to pay extra to use them. Rooms Rooms were clean and as outlined on the hotels website. The cleaner who maintained the block of rooms we were in was always very polite, helpful and did a super job. All inclusive As advised by others the hotel runs a tiered all inclusive approach which Thompson do not advise you of and nor do they articulate this in any of their literature. The basic band is blue, you can at a cost upgrade to either silver or black bands. If you purchase a silver band you have access to the adults only section which if you don't have children you really might want to do if it is the school holidays as the main pool becomes far too crowded and busy. Black bands upgrades you further to allow access to the adults only areas and also some (not all) branded drinks. Food Despite the hotel not being full the buffet restaurant could not cope with the volume of guests and you often felt like you were undertaking an obstacle course when trying to traverse the food hall.The queues for food or tea and coffee were often substantial. The food served in the main buffet restaurant is poor, the quality of the food is no where near what a hotel of this stature should be providing. Unless you arrived in the restaurant as soon as it opened you would often find a majority of the food trays empty. The variety of basic offerings you would expect such as a variety of salads, fresh fruit (as opposed to tinned) were really lacking. There is a grill area providing a different grilled meat or fish each evening however the meat was often very very tough and the chicken was really stringy and chewy (poor quality meat). If your happy living on pizza,chips or pasta with sauce from a jar then the hotel provided this in an abundance. There is a chocolate fountain in the buffet restaurant in the evenings and I can see how especially if you have children this would be a positive. There are two speciality restaurants. If you have a blue band you can eat in only 1 of these restaurants and only on 1 occasion. If you have silver or black bands you can eat in both restaurants but for silver bands you can only eat in each restaurant once. The food served in these restaurants is much better than the main. Drinks Very limited and a complete disappointment. You receive 2 bottles of water on arrival and that is it! You are not allowed any more bottled water unless you upgrade to black bands. You can help yourself to drinks via dispensers which provide squash (very artificial and sugary) , watered down fizzy drinks and beer which was fine or house wine which was like drinking vinegar with a tablespoon of sugar. The hotel provide a choice of 3 alcoholic cocktails but don't get excited, they are not really cocktails they are simply squash from the vending machine with a tiny amount of local alcohol - not not all nice! Pools The main pool gets very busy in the school holidays which is to be expected but people are very tightly packed in with sun-beds literally touching each other. The adult only pools were a little quieter however the main adult only pool was very dirty and the water began turning a green shade. I never saw anyone check the water or attempt to clean the pool. In summary this hotel or Thompson are charging 4+ star platinum prices for something which is really substandard. Thompson are well aware of the multiple issues and this was evident each day with a number of people voicing their concerns to the on site representative. Sadly the Thompson team did not seem to feel they had much influence and repeatedly suggested customers speak to the hotel directly. Stay somewhere else as there are lots of other options available!!!! Trips wise there is a good variety of trips available via the tour operates and you are well located to explore the island independently if you wish. I would highly recommend the Music Hall Tavern trip, it was a super night out!More

Leah C, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Very Nice Very clean Hotel

We booked the family area as going out of school holidays meant there would be virtually no children which there wasn't and to book the adult area seemed a waste of money,which it would have been. After the near 90 minute transfer we got off the coach quickly and my wife took the passports etc to reception while i waited for the cases to be unloaded which proved to be a good move as it saved us at least half an hour. All areas of the hotel were kept very clean with bedding changed once a week and towels daily if you put them in the bath the room also had a fairly large wardrobe with safe [payable at reception] a fridge with a litre bottle of water also had the normal patio doors,we were on the ground floor,but also another set of lockable doors that acted as an insect screen. There was a path down to the beach approximately 90 steps and at the bottom there were a colony [?] of chipmonks who loved to take either peanuts or cucumber from your hands the children loved feeding them although they are wild they all seemed to be 'well mannered' and didn't bite the hand that feeds them.On the beach there are a lot of sun worshippers who 'forgot' to pack swimwear, so beware if easily offended !!! Contary to some comments we had no problems getting a drink at the pool bar or the main outside bar although there was a small queue most nights at the indoors bar by reception,the restaurant although at times busy was always being replenished and we found the food to be with plenty of choices and well cooked and presented,the only point here is there was an area reserved for non family holidaymakers [adult and upgraded] which blue bands were not allowed to use but they could sit anywhere, doesn't this defeat part of the upgrade option ? but saying that there were always enough tables.More

colher, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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