Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica

This supersized beachside hotel has a trio of huge pools and dining choices ranging from Japanese to gourmet.

This hotel is on a private 800-metre beach, where you can sometimes spot nesting turtles on the sand. Inside, all rooms are junior suites with hydro massage tubs, and nearly all have sea views.

The pool scene is made up of 3 joined-up lake-style pools. And for dinner, the Tex-Mex à la carte stands out. The hotel even has its own shopping and leisure centre, with boutiques, bars and a disco.

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Room Upgrade

Book a Junior Suite between 24th April 2015 and 31st January 2016 and receive a free upgrade to a Junior Suite Golden Club room for arrivals from 1st May 2016 to 31st October 2016. Your booking will be automatically upgraded in resort.

All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Buffet meals. 3 visits per week for dinner in a choice of speciality à la carte restaurants. Snacks. 4 à la carte dinners for Golden Club guests. Unlimited à la carte dinners for Don Pablo Collection guests.


Local alcoholic beverages including beer, spirits, cocktails, house wine and soft drinks.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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3 outdoor pools

With sunbeds, parasols and towels.

Kids' club

These stylishly decorated double rooms come with both a view of the garden and a balcony as well as Air conditioning. In addition to twin beds, there are two extra beds in the bedroom. The bathroon also has a shower.

PADI scuba diving school*

There's a PADI scuba diving school here, offering a variety of PADI lessons and certificates. The hotel has access to the sea, and there's a small reef close to the shore where you can go diving or snorkelling. And the hotel offers a complimentary taster session in the pool.

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interconnecting double room

Interconnecting double room sleeps up to 4. You will need to book 2 rooms in order to have a connecting door. You'll need to book 2 of these room types to get interconnecting rooms.

double club room with sea view

Double club room with sea view sleeps up to 4. Has coffee-maker, beach towels, bathrobes, slippers, turn down service, VIP amenities, private golden reception, welcome cocktail, 4 à la carte bookings per week, private Casa Club with free Internet - 30 minutes per day, press iron and board and an alarm clock. Bathrooms have hydro-massage bath with a shower and a separate shower. Wi-Fi available at a charge.

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Somewhat disappointing

Firstly, description of hotel states "mini bar in rooms". So not the case. It was a mini fridge which was stocked with water coke (diet and normal), sprite, and another soft drink. Just one of each. Oh yea, there were also two cans of beer (only alcoholic beverage). Most disappointing! Don't expect any face flannels to be in the bathroom as there never is, even when you constantly request them. Had to leave note for toiletries to be replenished. Entertainment, very basic, very large complex, interaction with other guests was how I found out about activity after 11:00pm.More

Millicent M, London, United Kingdom

Relaxing Vacation

Jamaica Mon- Okay, that was corny, but at least I have your attention.... First off, before I start, let me just say that I do not have a bad thing to say about Jamaica. And anything that I may write about the hotel, is really due to personal preference. Some people are used to certain things, it doesn't mean that the hotel was poor or not enjoyable. It just means that I enjoy certain things, eat a certain way, and may be comparing this trip/hotel to a previous vacation. I am just going to tell you the things I saw that I enjoyed, or did not enjoy, and that way you can make your own decisions. FYI- My Reviews are always very long- Sorry.. :P I traveled to Jamaica during the week July 11th- it was a seven day vacation- Sat- Sat. Grand Principe, is an all- inclusive hotel. First off, let's begin with Arrival. Our flight was out of JFK on Caribbean Airlines at 7am and arrived in Jamaica about 10:50- I live on the East Coast there was an hour time difference once we arrived. The flight itself was good.There were no issues with Caribbean Air- for us anyway. The crew was very friendly and accommodating, the plane seemed a little older inside, but I would fly them again if needed. Transportation: Our travel agent arranged our transfers from the hotel through I believe, Nexus tours. We arrived in the late morning and had to wait 20 minutes for our transfer service to arrive. It wasn't a big deal, we just expected the transfer to be there upon arrival. We were just tired and wanted to get the vacation underway, but we had a few beers and rum punches at the bar and waited for our ride. The driver was very friendly and offered us information on the way. He asked us if we wanted to stop for anything- we were okay, but he seemed to stop anyway. We didn't feel 100% comfortable with the stop. But it was fine. It was all of about 10 minutes at a roadside restroom/bar. Now, with any place you visit, you have to be mindful of your surroundings. Just because you are on a tropical island, doesn't mean you are in a good area, or a bad area for that matter. It just means that you do not know the area, there are dangerous parts in any city, and if you are unfamiliar, you shouldn't be gallivanting. All was good, and we were on our way in no time. I would just suggest being firm if you do not want to make stops. If you show indifference, the driver may think he is doing you a favor and showing you things and places you may want to see. It was innocent, but we would've preferred to not really stop. Upon arrival at the hotel, check in wasn't until 3pm. We arrived around 12:30. I've traveled a lot, and honestly, I didn't even think the room would not be ready. In past vacations, my room was always ready when I arrived no matter the time. Was this bad- well, just inconvenient because as I said, I didn't even consider it wouldn't be ready. I suggest, that in your carry on you pack maybe a change of clothes (depending on what you may have flown wearing) maybe put a bathing suit and some pool wear so you can relax while the room is getting ready. The bell hop will hold your luggage until the room is ready so all you need is anything you may want to walk around the grounds with or use at the pool/beach. ** If you do not want to buy a time share, then do not agree to any "welcome breakfasts" or anything people sitting in the hotel may offer you. There are staff that sits around the lobby area and walk the grounds that see you just arrived. They work on commission and its all about time shares. They want to give you breakfast and free gifts, but if you go it will be about 4 hours of your time- they never mention its a time share- not even once, which I thought was terrible. Look, I'm on vacation. I am not interested in time shares so I would absolutely NOT want to waste my time. Some people want a time share and are into that, and that's great- good for you. But I am not and I want to be told if what you are welcoming me too is for a time share. I only knew about this crap from reading other reviews so I was on to them. They didn't hassle us or annoy us. A simple no thank you, not interested is all it takes, but if they are discussing it with you then they should tell you- I get why they don't, but its still annoying. *My suggestion- if anyone asks you if you were told about the breakfasts or gifts, or anything like that- just ask them if its for a time share or something along those lines. That way you can decide for yourself. Ridiculous. Pool: One of the nicest things about this hotel- in my opinion. There were a few sections. One was an adult only section. Which is nice if you don't want to be splashed around by kids or have any pool activities to deal with. There are daily activities by the pool that cater to adults and to children. They have ring tosses, darts, chess, volleyball (inside the pool), beer chugging contests, bingo, their version of mini golf challenge etc. Lots of fun with lots with prizes (usually coffee, Rum, or something small) and there was lots of music. They have some in pool activities also- aerobics, volleyball were just some. The pool bar was very nice, too. I mean, who would really complain about swimming up to a bar, in nice cool water, and getting your drink on?? I can tell you- Not this girl. I loved it and the staff was amazing. This hotel is all inclusive, so odds are you paid prior to booking so you will not have to use your money for much- but tipping does go a long way and the staff is very, very appreciative of that. We tipped the bartenders at the pool every day- it was 4 of us, so we were having lots of drinks. we gave them $20 in the morning and they literally never let our drinks run dry. If they saw us getting low they would call us back over and give us drinks or just put them on the bar and point. they pay attention, are lots of fun and very nice. I did think the bar area was a little dirty- it was smelly and i do think they could've cleaned it a little better. I would not want to work in a smelly area- in the hot heat. Also, we didn't even like to order our drinks at a certain area of the pool bar because it kinda smelled like a babies diaper. I'm not sure if it was the garbage or just an unclean floor, but I think they could maybe fix that. It wasn't one day, it was every day so it wasn't a fluke. I also did not like the towel situation at the pool. When you check in, they give you towel cards I think its one card per person. They look like credit cards. When you go to the pool and ask for a towel they will ask for the cards. when you return the towels you will get the cards back. I was not thrilled with the towel situation. We were down at the pool at 9am every day- maybe earlier, and they didn't have towels 4 different days- and it wasn't because we were down there early. Technically the pool opens at 10, I think. But there were a few days when we were asking for towels until about 2pm and they didn't have any. I never had this happen to me before at any other resort I've ever been too- again, not a fluke. it happened about 4 times. They do have plenty of chairs, people do claim them quite early, but we never had an issue getting 4 chairs in a row. They have shaded areas. Those are harder to get. They also have areas with white cabana's. They are not for everyone. When you check in you get a plastic bracelet to wear for the length of your stay. The color will let you know if you are allowed to sit there- we weren't and were asked to leave. We found this very misleading. They have an area that reads "Exclusive, Adults Only." so we sat there, but that was the area for people that I guess book a different room/package. but it said "Adults only" so we thought it was okay- it was not, but again, no biggie. If you want entertainment, you don't want to be down that end of the pool anyway. Nothing goes on there. I mean, we didn't even hear music. The DJ and the action is at the other end. if you want to be in the center of all that then stay away from the Exclusive/Adults only. There are no hot tubs- which I was fine with. I can't see sitting in hot water when its so hot out- but I did hear some people asking for them. However, in one of the pool areas they did have a pool within a pool. That was there version of a jacuzzi. It was a tiny pool inside the pool that had bubbles and jets- there were three, but for the week i was there only one was giving off bubbles. Not sure why, but it was always filled and we just gave up. Why only one out of three were on, I don't know. But it did look nice. ~There are no waiters or waitresses at the pool coming around taking drink orders. There is also no food by the pool. Drinks are done at the pool bar- in the water or out of the water. They do have photographers coming around by the pool taking pics and even bringing around parrots and stuff for you to hold and take pics with. I took some with the parrots, it was $12 a picture. They have a photo booth inside the hotel where you can get all the pics that are taken. They provide a CD option too, I just bought two pics of me and my boyfriend with the birds. It was cool. Beach: Okay, if you read reviews you are going to see mixed things regarding the beach. Yes, there are rocks. There is one beach that is all rocks. Its terrible and its so tiny, but its not the only beach area. You have to keep walking. When you do, you'll find another section with soft sand and no rocky water. Still not the nicest beach I've been too at a resort. I didn't care for it- I like the pool better, but that's my opinion. And yes, there are vendors in the water trying to braid your hair and sell you trinkets. They weren't crazy annoying, but they are there. We said, "no thank you", and they left us alone the rest of the time. **my pool/Beach suggestions: ~ ~Do not hand in your towels at the end of the day- just take them back to the room and let them air dry. If you plan to use the pool the next day in the morning and they do not have towels, at least you'll have some until the fresh ones come out- then you can just exchange them. If you are not going to the pool the next day, return them. Though I think the fact they never had towels was not because people were holding them, but because they just didn't wash them daily. ~Water shoes- bring them incase you find yourself at the rocky beach- you can buy them in one of the gift shops inside the hotel for $10 or you can bring your own from home. Rooms: We had their version of a junior suite. It was me and my boyfriend so we had a king size bed. The room was nice. There was plenty of room for our luggage and our things. Closet space and drawers were provided. Little sitting area, table, couch like piece, and a fridge. Bottle water was provided daily along with coffee pot and coffee. The bed was a little hard, but I still slept like a baby. The bathroom was clean, there was a tub area and a standing shower area. toilet, sink were fine, no issues. They had tons of mosquitos in the rooms. Bring spray or repellent. There was also some black gnat like flies. I did not see anything else crawling around. Though, there were smushed bug guts all over the ceilings. Were they from mosquitos? Where they from Mothera? I just don't know. I was a little freaked out, because sadly I am so scared of bugs that even I know its insane, but there was nothing there. I think maybe they should clean that stuff up a little, but hey- maybe they leave it to show the other bugs what that room is capable of. Oh, and yea- there was a little lizard in our room. At first, I thought it was a gigantic bug and freaked out- not my finest moment, but it was a lizard. We had to ask someone to remove it- and their version of removing is killing. They smashed his head with a broom stick on the ceiling and cleaned up the crime scene- though not the ceiling part. Lizards do not bother me, i felt so terrible they killed it- but just a heads up- you may see one. I saw not one other one the rest of the time. The room was clean, the tiles in the bathroom were old and not so great, the walls were a little cracked in the bathroom, but all in all- I wasn't unhappy. Oh, here is some useful information, the air conditioning in the room is linked up to your balcony doors. when you open the doors, the air turns off. When you shut the doors- it goes back on. If your air is not working go check those doors and if they are closed and locked and its not working push on the doors. The people we traveled with had no air. They called the front desk and they told them to check the doors, well the issue was that the entire balcony door frame was loose so it turned the air off, they had to push it and play with the doors and then it turned back on. There is a safe in your room, but you have to go down to the front desk to get a code to use it. You are charged for using the safe. I found this to be ridiculous too. I am sure other hotels do this, but I've never come across it. Usually, safes are there as a courtesy and you can just use them. Put in a password you like and, VIOLA, you have a safe. But they will charge you a rate for the safe, give you a code that allows you to access it, and then you just put your pass word. I forget the price, it wasn't cheap, but it wasn't outrageous. In my opinion, it was just silly. This hotel is expanding. There is all day long construction going on. Our room had an excellent view of this. some people were complaining about the noise, it didn't bother me, but maybe that's because I was out of the room early enough to not be bothered by it and returned when it was finished? I did hear it though, and even at night they were doing things around the pool and it was just a lot going on at various spots. didn't really bother me, but it was there. My room Suggestions: ~ If you start running low on Toilet Paper, ask for it because they do not rush to replace it. ~ Towels- they will give you extra if you ask for them. I had no issues with room towels, but I had to ask for face towels/wash cloths. Those, they did not provide daily. When I asked the housekeeper told me they had none available, but later one came back with two for me. ~ Check your balcony doors and make sure air is working before unpacking. Just incase you have to change rooms. ~ Bring mosquito repellant. **When we were there, we received a notice asking us to not be in the room on a certain day at a certain time. They apologized, but they had to fumigate there basement area due to mosquitos. So, as you can see, I was not exaggerating about the mosquitos in the rooms.** Restaurants: Food was good. I had no complaints except that there just wasn't a place to eat all the time. The restaurants open at a certain time. The buffet serves breakfast from 7-10 then closes for a few hours and reopens for lunch, then closes again and reopens for dinner. They have a pool snack bar that opens around lunch time and that stays open longer, I think... There is also a burger place in the "shopping center" that i believe opens late at night and stays open until 6am. But, if you are at the main hotel area, and want to eat you are restricted to when you can eat and that was very, very, annoying. I did not like that. I didn't like having to be up at a certain to get breakfast because then it shuts down til another time. I understand you can't serve certain foods all day long, that was not my issue. My issue was that I didn't want to walk all the way to the pool, then past the pool, to the beach area for the snack bar. Also this is a very big resort. The Shopping Center part is not by the main hotel where the majority of the rooms are and the lobby- so, I did not want to walk there late at night to eat. Am I being lazy, probably, but that is my opinion. It doesn't mean this hotel is terrible. It just means, I would've like a closer option of food. For example, I had to take medicine. It was later in the day. Lunch was finished. I couldn't get food. I asked the guy outside the buffet if I could just get a piece of bread and he made it sound like he would see what he could do, but couldn't guarantee anything. Then he came out with some pizza and I did tip him, but he didn't like the few dollars I gave him and it showed- not really sure I had to even tip him but because there was no place to get food that was close to where we were I guess he went 'out of his way' for me. ~there are restaurants you can eat at. My favorite was the french restaurant and the Japanese. For us, we were allowed to book 3 of these restaurants for free. So we got to eat there for free and didn't have to eat at the buffet every night. You make the reservations in the hotel lobby. Just check the times because you can only do it during certain hours in the morning... I think- at least that's what we were told, so just double check on that. Shopping/Hotel Grounds: We didn't leave the resort except for an excursion, so I cannot say anything about shopping opportunities off the grounds. But on the grounds, the main hotel as I call it has a few gift shops. Then they have a Shopping Center where they have a bunch of stores selling souvenirs. Bargain with them, don't take the first price they offer and most of the shops sell the same things, each one charges a different price so walk around before making decisions and buying. Also, they have nightly shows and things that go on in the shopping center. While we were there they had a movie night for the kids, we saw some shows where they sing and dance and it was just really nice. So check that out and try to find out what they having going on there- there is something every night. I believe all the shows end at 11pm every night. so if you make dinner reservations late, you may miss the show for that night or get there at the tail end. ~Cats..... Tons of cats around the property. I happen to love animals and anything that is not a bug, so I was excited and I named them all- there are tons. They are super friendly and you kinda feel bad for them. I fed a few and fell in love with a kitten or two. So be prepared to see tons of cats walking around and chilling with guests. They don't jump on you, but if you call them over, they will come and most will just love the attention. Just remember, they are not cared for, they are outside cats and you may get a little dirty if they jump on you. Very cute though. ~Wifi- you get an hour free everyday. Its a consistent hour so once you log in you have one hour. Its not that you can use 15 minutes, log off and go back on. So, either speak with your carrier and get some plan for when you go that allows you to use your phone whenever you wish, or you will have to use theirs. It was down twice when we were there. On those days, we had to wait two hours before we were able to try again. Nightlife: Not so great. Nothing really going on. Nothing stays open in the hotel all night so you just need to check on times. The bar in the Lobby/wifi area close at a certain time. By the shopping center, they have a disco/night club. I think it closes at 2. it wasn't terrible. The music was good, but a few nights it just smelled really, really, bad in that place. Even in the sports bar, which is also in the shopping center. In there, they have a few slot machines and a pool table. Pool/billards, is about $2 to play, but it smells in there too. Can't explain it. Not sure if its the products they use of if the things they are cleaning with are just dirty and its like mopping a floor with dirty bathroom water. I wasn't the only one that thought this. People around us were even saying " what the heck." There is a karaoke bar too. That was fun- I didn't sing but it was fun to watch people. Excursions: We booked only one- Dunn's River Falls. We booked through Adrian. He is someone that was from the tour we had our transportation booked through. He was great, very informative and nice. The tour we had was two options: You can book the falls only and its about 3-4 hours. Or you can book the version where you are taken to a catamaran, get to go snorkeling and then they take you to the falls. We did that version. it was very nice. I believe, Cool Runnings, was the name of the Tour that took us. The bus ride there was fun. They played music and we made a few stops at other hotels to get some people. Snorkeling was fun. Its out in the ocean- not off a beach. They serve beer, soft drinks and rum punches when you are done with the excursions. Food too- for us it was a beef patty which everyone seemed to like. I didn't try it. I also didn't really snorkel. It was nice, I jumped in the water with my sturdy life vest and all my gear, swam two feet, remembered all the things I had just watched the week before in Shark Week, on Discovery Channel and swam back to the boat and called it a day. My boyfriend and the other couple we went with had a great time in the water. I just tried to stay cool on the boat- it was soooo hot. I immediately regretted not staying in the water. Dunns River Falls: What an awesome excursion. I had such a good time, but let me warn you- if you have any ailments, aches or pains DO NOT do this excursion- well, wait, let me rephrase that- you can. they have a "dry route", but I'm not sure what that entails. I did the route where you are literally climbing up the falls. First off- so slippery and you are literally climbing rocks. You need water shoes. They say they allow sneakers, but you will ruin them. if you climb the falls you will be soaked from head to toe and the water shoes are just better to keep your footing. The water is ice cold. They prefer you make a human train as you go up and hold hands with the person in front of you and in back. But, if the person in front slips you need to be ready to get them or move because they will take you down with them. and if the person behind you slips and does not let go of your hand- same thing. Down you go. I fell a few times. My boyfriends brother saved me from a disaster by grabbing me and the other times I just got clumsy. You'll get a few bruises and scrapes. Depending on the tour, they do have someone filming your every move. They try to make it really fun and they do have people from the tour that help you- but they are not stationed at spots. they pretty much climb with you. There were a few scenarios where people just couldn't get up the rocks and people around you had to try and help. So, think twice if you are not active, have issues and can't balance. There were children climbing too, but they really need to just be careful- once you start you really have no choice but to go up. So you're stuck. **Ladies, do not wear your sexy bikini's for this- the falls will knock your tops down or off and all your bits and pieces will fall out** I wore a tankini top and some water shorts and all was good. not that I would've given much of a show anyway, but still. I felt better not having to worry about it. I loved it though. Def go see the falls, even if you do the dry route. There are other excursions you can do, too. We just happened to do this one only. I believe you can book things in the hotel lobby too. They have people around the pool that try to get you to book excursions too, but we stuck with Adrian. I did meet someone on the way home on the plane and she said her and her sister did the dolphin excursion and loved it. They also did an excursion where you are in a boat and see alligators and stuff- and they were very pleased with that one too- I can't really say much more about it since I didn't do them, but they seemed to like them. All in all, I had a very nice time. The staff at the hotel were friendly and really great. Tip them, they deserve it and they are really appreciative of it and it really goes a long way. Just book your dinner reservations early and do tours through your hotel only. Make sure you find out all the times of the restaurants and the Buffet- so you know when things open and close- that way you know when you should grab some food. Mosquitos are a given, bring repellant just incase you may need it. And this isn't just something for this hotel, I've had to do this for a few other places, its just not something you may think to pack, but you should. Bring your sunblock, you'll need it. And if you don't want to be near construction, I would inquire about having a room that is not near it. Would I recommend this hotel- I did have a good time, I make my fun and had no bad experiences. Anything I didn't like was just preference, since I have no other hotel to compare it to I would say to go. Would I go back- Probably not. Only because I didn't hate it, but I didn't absolutely love it so I would want to try something else so I can compare the two. Would I go back to Jamaica? I would, but not immediate. I would like to try some other islands in the Caribbean first. There are so many places to see and go, I try to do something different each time. But, def do your research on any hotel and destination you may visit and be sure to watch your surroundings any time you travel. And relax and enjoy your trip! :)More

Dyana P, Staten Island, New York

I saw STARS at night!

My BFF got married there, we were a large party. I was visiting for the first time. My friends and I had a great time listening to Michelle Black sing like a superstar. We could not believe the caliber of talent the hotel has as performers. Unbelievable!... Michelle is a down to earth, amicable, easy to converse and gracious person. We dance and had the greatest time, we didn't want her to finish her shows. She graciously stayed with us. The other night performers were stunning, probably the best the hotel has to offer beside the fantastic food, the snorkeling and the short but calm and clear water beach. We will definitely go back.More

111Joan, Toronto, Canada

If you want service, stay away!

Overall nice place, great amenities if you want to relax. Entertainment is simple. Drinks are good. Beach is nice. Lots of room on pool deck and in pool. Place is Grand. However, if you are looking for service, stay away from here. Poor, unfriendly, unhelpful staff. Every time you ask them for something, you are bothering them. Especially at the buffet restaurant, I would finish my breakfast before I even got my table set, or even asked for coffee, and if I did ask, it took so much time. Front desk, again, poor. I waited 2 hours to get bath towels. After 4 calls and 2 visits to the front desk, I received a bag of bath rugs! Manager does not take the time to meet or help his guests. Not professional at all. Kids camp, was actually boring for my 7-9 yrs kids. Activities are not organized, it is a free for all in the camp. Tried it for a couple of hours and kids never wanted to go back. Overall great place, but a big need of staff change and attitude change.More

Pino A, Montreal, Canada

Beautiful Resort & First Visit to the Caribbean

I will be going back to this resort at the end of August this year - but this is a long overdue review from my trip for a family wedding in 2012. Family trip for a destination wedding. Group of 25. Hotel - very nice, clean and HUGE. I got lost a few times trying to figure out where my other family members were staying as we booked at separate times. But once you understand where everything is you should be fine. Our room was always cleaned and large and spacious for myself and cousin sharing. Bathrooms are also very clean and modern - no complaints about towels - we made really good friends with the staff as they were always so friendly with us. Overall, modern and great hotel. Food - AMAZING. Favourite place for getting authentic Jamaican cuisine was surprisingly the snack bar by the beach where they served jerk chicken, bread pudding, plantain, etc. No complaints about food or drink here - buffet was always fresh and the a la carte restaurants were also good. Bars can get really busy at night time, so be patient, remember you are on vacation - whats the big rush? We liked a station that they had one night serving martinis and other special drinks. Beach & Pool - when we went to the beach area we were told it was was still being built up. It was good for what it was back then and I am excited to see what it looks like now. The water is clear and BEAUTIFUL. Spent a lot of time at the beach. Pool is cool too - it has a swim up bar which we liked - good place to hang out as a group - but we would always end back at the beach. We did the Dunns River Falls excursion - a must do! We also liked the nightly entertainment - go to the Karaoke bar! We had an amazing time there! Staff - were friendly and nice to us all the time. Never did we have any problems with rudeness as some reviewers have suggested. Being from the Greater Toronto Area, it's nice to be able to connect with the diversity of travellers and staff that worked at this resort. I read a review where someone pointed out staff speaking patois with each other - yes, that is what they speak - Jamaicans also speak English - unclear about what that comment meant. Overall - the staff were friendly and good to us and we had no issues. Overall, this resort set the bar for me for any all inclusive resort that I visit, so I hope revisiting it at the end of August will remind me why I loved it so much.More

golden2288, Mississauga, Canada

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