Concorde El Salam

This super-sized hotel offers up extra servings of everything, from pools to health clubs.

This mega hotel doesn't do things by halves. There 5 pools, with the giant infinity pool standing out. 5 different bars. A nightclub. And a dining scene offering a choice of International buffet, BBQ or Italian cuisine.

The hotel is blessed with great views over the Red Sea, and the main buffet place takes full advantage with an outdoor terrace. The hotel also has its own stretch of private beach.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Buffet meals. Live cooking stations. Snacks. Afternoon tea, coffee and cakes 16.00-18.00.


Locally produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, by the glass including beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and water 10.00-24.00.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Outdoor pool

Sunbeds and towels are provided at the pools and are heated in the winter months. There is a waterslide at the pool in the Sport hotel.

International buffet restaurant

For breakfast, lunch and dinner. A wide variety of foods from round the globe, particularly Oriental dishes, are offered in this air-conditioned restaurant, which features a terrace area. Highchairs and kids' menus are available on request.

Kids' club

Kids aged 3 to 12 years can take advantage of the hotel-run kids' club.

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main building twin room with pool view and balcony or terrace

Twin room with pool view sleeps up to 2 adults and 1 child with twin or double beds, and an extra bed in the bedroom.

beachfront twin room with sea view and balcony or terrace

There's lots of natural light to complement the colour scheme in these modern rooms. This room sits on the beachfront with views of the Red Sea from your balcony or terrace. Inside you'll have air-conditioning and a minibar* on request. There's also satellite TV and a hairdryer available.

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Good but

The hotel is good and clean overall but there is only one swimming pool on each side. The guests swim with clothes and shirts which is not accepted at all. Long lines in the restaurants in order to have a meal. Varieties of food are limited and there is no specific food for children. The jacuzzi is for free but people wears pants in it. The level of guests is the pig problem and their behaviors. Actually the best thing in the hotel is the effort to keep it clean with that much of guests and their attitude. More

Sahar D,

Probably one of the best in Sharm

Staff is extremely friendly and cooperative, all-you-can-eat food buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the extremely varied amount of food and desserts, unlimited hot and cold beverages during your stay if you book the all inclusive. cleanliness is a priority there. Free shuttles to and from the airport, to and from naama bay as well. Check out was easy, although they don't offer late checkout, they made us stay in the coffee shop and order as much beverages as we want for free and also catch up with the lunch buffet. We had a perfect stay.More

Mohamed A,

Nice place

We had great time there for three nights. Location is good and helpful staff. Next to Soho square and near to airport. Good place for families and couples will enjoy it as well. I believe that in winter with better weather, it will be really much better to visit Sharm El Sheikh. Rate for us as egyptian is fine an it worth money paid. DJ is playing nice music for the whole day up to sunset. Prefere to get a rental car for easy transportation if you wish to visit many places in city. Food is good compare to rate and busy time with domestic tourism but they need to extend lunch time as swimming pools close by 5:00pm and most of people are missing lunch time.More

Ayman S,

Excellent Hotel seven days in a paradise

A great resort with great facilities I had a very good experience in this hotel and friendly staff. The food was very delicious. Variety recreation programs over the beach was very good, everything was really fantastic. Nicely decorated room with nice sea and pool view, very polite and helpful staff, excellent snorkeling right in front of the beach. Especially helpful was the provision of free transfer from and to the airport, as well as the free shuttle bus to Naama Bay. Hotel location was excellent: only 15 min. to the airport and 5 min. walking to Soho Square, which is a nice alternative to in-house animation. Another bright side, the colored fish and coral reefs were amazing and I really had amused my stay in the hotel, the seven days in the Hotel were like seven days in a paradise.More

Amr S, 294013

Is this really a 5 star hotel?

For English scroll down. علشان أكون موضوعى هقول كل حاجة احنا شفناها بالتفصيل و بعدين هكتب مميزات و عيوب الفندق و الملخص هيكون موجود تحت. فى البداية سيبنا شنطنا برا الفندق و دخلنا نعمل check in فواحد مننا وقف يعمل check in و انا دخلت حمام الlobby و كانت دى اول نقطة سلبية، ان الحمام من قبل حتى ما تدخله مجرد ما انت فتحت الباب بتلاقى ريحة وحشة جدا طالعة منه و ده اللى انا استغربته من فندق 5 نجوم. احنا وصلنا على معاد الغداء فقالولنا فى الريسيبشن ننزل المطعم نتغدا لحد ما الاوضة تجهز و دى كانت تانى حاجة استغربها و هى ان الاصناف محدودة جدا و الاختيارات مش متنوعة خالص و ده برده مايليقش بفندق 5 نجوم. تالت صدمة كانت الاكل نفسه! الاكل كان بارد جدا و تقريبا مالهوش طعم و ده اللى خلانا نقوم فورا من غير ما ناكل حاجة. طلعنا الريسيبشن تانى و استلمنا مفاتيح الباب و طلعنا علشان نروح الاوضة و قولنا للعامل على رقم الاوضة و اكتفى بانه بس يقولنا على الاتجاهات من غير ما يوصلنا لهناك و دى برده كانت نقطة مش فى صالحهم ابدا. بعد ما وصلنا الاوضة و طلعنا حاجتنا من الشنط و جهزنا علشان ننزل حمام السباحة روحنا لحد باب الريسيبشن و كان فى باص بيتنقل من بين قسم الfront و قسم الsport اللى احنا كنا نازلين فيه فدى كانت حاجة كويسة للناس اللى معهاش عربيات. بعد ما وصلنا لحمام السباحة روحنا للمكتب اللى قدامه بتاع الفوط علشان ناخد منه فوط لينا فقالنا انه عايز الكروت فإحنا توقعنا انه عايز كروت الباب لاننا معناش اى كروت تانية بس اتفاجئنا لما قالنا انه قصده الكروت بتاعة حمام السباحة و ان دى كروت مجانية المفروض بنسلمها لما نعمل Check in من الريسيبشن لكن احنا مستلمنهاش ولا حد قال لنا عليها حاجة فاضطرينا نرجع الريسيبشن تانى عشان ناخد الكروت و لما سألنا ليه ماخدنهاش من الاول قالولنا اكيد ماخدناش بالنا معلش.... حمام السباحة بتاع الfront كان حلو جدا و المنظر منه هايل لأنه بيبص على البحر على طول و كان فى شلال نازل منه فدى بصراحة من الحاجات اللى عجبتنى فيه. رجعنا تانى اوضنا اللى فى الsport بعدها، الاوضة كانت كويسة و واسعة و التكييف فيها قوى و الدولاب كبير و الحمام برده كويس و السراير كانت مريحة لكن المخدات مش اوى. كان فى فى الاوضة تليفزيون بس مكانش فى غير 30 قناة منهم كذا قناة روسى و الصوت و الصورة مكانوش حلوين اوى. لما نزلنا المطعم تانى فى وقت العشاء واجهتنا نفس مشكلة الغداء و هى ان الاصناف قليلة جدا و الاكل طعمه فى منتهى السوء. تانى يوم نزلنا الصبح عشان الفطار و تقريبا هى دى الوجبة الوحيدة اللى تعتبر صالحة للأكل فى المطعم ده. مش هقول ان الاكل فيه كان ممتاز لكن كان كويس نسبيا بالمقارنة بالغداء و العشاء. بعد الفطار روحنا تانى للfront عشان البحر موجود هناك بس و كان المكان هايل و البحر نظيف جدا مع انى فى مرة شوفت كيس و شوكة بلاستيك لكن مشوفتش حاجة من دول تانى. البحر مايته حلوة جدا و العوم فى وسط السمك كان من اكثر الحاجات الممتعة اللى جربتها و نصيحة منى لو اى حد هينزل يجيب معاه النظارة بتاعة الغطس و الtube بتاع التنفس او لو معندكش ممكن تأجرهم من على البحر ب 20 جنيه من ساعة ما تاخذها لحد الساعة 5. لازم تجربهم لأن اللى انت شايفه من فوق حاجة و اللى هتشوفه لما تبص لتحت حاجة مختلفة تماما. برده من الحاجات اللى شدت انتباهى فى البحر هناك هو اننا فى مرة واحنا نازلين لقينا مجموعة من قناديل البحر فطبعا قلقنا فى الأول من النزول عشان مانتلسعش لكن لما كلمنا الحارس و الغطاسين اكدولنا ان القناديل هنا مابتلسعش طول مانت مابتمسكهاش او بتأذيها يعنى حتى لو لمسك بالغلط عادى مش هيعملك حاجة و فعلا نزلنا و قعدنا فترة بنعوم فى وسطهم و محصلش حاجة لأى واحد فينا. موجود على حمامات السباحة بارات عصاير بيقدموا عصاير و شاى و أيس كريم و بيعملوا ساندويتشات هوت دوج و برجر و شاورما من الساعة 1 ل 3 و هو ده كان الغداء بتاعنا طول الفترة اللى احنا كنا قاعدينها. من الحاجات اللى عجبتنى برده فى المكان هو الجيم الموجود هناك علشان اللى مبيحبش يقطع تمريناته حتى فى اجازته. بالنسبة للمطعم فهو كان مهزلة بكل الاوصاف - بعيدا عن الاكل اللى فيه. يعنى ايه لما نروح نقعد على ترابيزة ل 4 يكون عليها شوك و سكاكين ل 2 بس؟ ولما نعرف اخيرا نوصل لحد من العاملين هناك و نقوله محتاجين شوك و سكاكين يقولنا اهى هناك و يشاورلنا بإننا نروح نجيبها بنفسنا؟ ولما نروح نجيبها نلاقيها شِبه مش مغسولة اساسا؟ يعنى ايه نقعد على ترابيزة عليها اطباق الناس اللى قبلنا نص ساعة لحد ما حد يجيى ينضفهالنا؟ يعنى ايه على الفطار الفناجين او المعالق بتاعة التقليب تخلص و ميتحطش غيرها؟ يعنى انا دلوقتى حطيت قهوة فى فنجان و حطيت سكر، المفروض لما مالقيش معالق اقلبها بصباعى؟! ده غير طبعا الحجم السخيف لكوبايات العصير اللى هى تقريبا كوبايايت تكيلا و حاطينهالنا لأن دى لا يمكن تكون كوباية عصير ابدا. (موجود ليها صور توضح حجمها) بالنسبة للخدمات فدى كانت المهزلة الكبرى يعنى مثلا مسئول مكتب فى concierge المسئول عن حجز الرحلات او الباصات المتجهة لخليج نعمة او طلب تاكسيات، ده كان تقريبا 80% من الوقت مش موجود فى مكتبه و الhouse keeping مرتين يخش ينضف الاوضة و مايحطش ماية مع اننا حاجزين all inclusive ولما نتصل بالhouse keeping او الريسيبشن مايردوش ولما ردوا اول مرة قالولنا هنبعتلكوا ماية حالا و محدش يبعت حاجة غير لما نكلمهم تانى نهزقهم و الارض مكانش بتتمسح و الفوط اللى فى الحمام مكانتش بتتغير (عرفت علشان الفوطة بتاعتى كانت متوسخة و فيها بقعة و اليوم اللى بعده بعد ما "نضفوا" الاوضة لقيت الفوطة بتاعتى بنفس البقعة) و ان كان فى اطباق و كوبايات و صوانى متوسخة بتتحط قدام باب الاوضة بتاعتنا باستمرار (موجود صور توضيحية ليها) مميزات و عيوب الفندق المميزات: البحر - حمامات السباحة - باصات التنقلات بين قسمين الفندق و من الفندق لخليج نعمة - المكان حيث انه قدام المطار بالظبط و قريب جدا من ميدان سوهو. العيوب: الأكل - النظافة - العاملين الغير جديرين بالعمل فى فندق و الخدمات الفظيعة - السعر العالى بالنسبة للخدمات. الملخص: لو لسة بتدوروا على فندق فى شرم الشيخ مانصحكوش بده ابدا اما لو لو خلاص استقريتوا على ده يبقى خدوا الاوضة بالفطار بس و هاتوا اكلكوا كله من بره، هيكون اوفر و افضل. To be objective I'll say everything we saw in details and then I'll write the pros and cons of the hotel and the summary will be underneath. At the beginning we left our luggage outside the hotel door and went inside to check-in so one of us went to the reception to check-in and I went to the lobby toilet and that was the first con, that once you've opened the door before you even go inside, you find a really terrible smell coming from inside which was a really weird thing from a 5 star hotel. We arrived at lunch time so we were told to go have our lunch in the restaurant till the rooms are ready and there was the second surprise, there were so little things to choose from and there was no variety in options at all and that should not happen in a 5 star hotel. Out third shock was the food itself. Food was cold and almost tasteless and that made us leave at once without eating anything. We went back to the reception and recieved our room keys and went outside to go to our room. We told the man working there our room number and he just told us the directions and didn't even bother getting us there so that was another con. After we arrived to the room and unpacked we got ready to go to the pool we went to outside the reception as there is a bus that teansports people from the front section to the sport section where we were staying so that is a good thing for people who don't have cars. After we arrived to the pool we went to the towls desk to get some towls and he asked us to give him our cards so we thought he meant the room keys as we don't have any other cards but for our amazement he told us he means pool cards that have been given to us when we checked in but we told him that we knew nothing about those cards and that we were given nothing but the room cards so we had to go back to the reception to ask for the cards and when we asked them why they didn't give them to us from the beginning, they said that we must have not noticed so it wasn't even a polite apology. The front's pool was really nice and the view was amazing as it was right infront of the beach and it had a small waterfall so that goes with the pros. We then went back to our room at the sport. The room was nice and big and the air-conditioning was amazing. The wardrobe was big and the bathroom was good and the beds were comfy but the pillows were not as much. There was a tv in the room but there were only 30 channels and some of them were Russian but the picture and sound were not so good. When we went to the restaurant again at dinner time, the same problems faced us. There were so little options and the food tasted terrible. Next morning we went for breakfast and I can say that this is the only edible meal at that restaurant. I'm not saying it's amazing but it's good relatively to lunch and dinner. After that we went back to the front as the beach is there only and the place was amazing and really clean although once I saw a plastic bag and fork in the water but I never saw anything like that again. Sea water was amazing and swimming with the fish was one of the most wonderful things ever and my advice to anyone going to the sea there, bring diving goggles and a tube with you or you can just rent it from there for 20 EGP till 5 PM because what you see from the surface is nothing compared to what you're gonna see downside. From the things that caught my attention there is that one day we were going to the sea and we saw a group of jellyfish swimming there which made us afraid of swimming as we didn't wanna get stinged by them. But after we talked to the life guard and some of the divers, they assured us that as long as we don't hold them or harm them they'll do nothing to us and they were right. I never thought I can get that close to jellyfish without being afraid of them or trying to run away from them. Pools have bars where you can get a tea, a coffee or icecream and they also make burgers, hotdogs and shwarmas from 1 to 3 PM which saved us from having to have lunch at that terrible restaurant everyday. Another thing I liked there is the gym so athletes won't have to stop working out on their holidays. The restaurant was a joke in everyway possible - aside from the food. How is it that we go to a table for four and there are only forks and knives for 2? And when we finally find someone from the workers there and ask him to bring us a fork and a knife he tells us that they're right there and tells us to go get them! And when we go get them we find that they are barely even washed!! How is it possible that we wait for 30 minutes for the people working there to come clean the table from the plates of people who were sitting before us? How is it that on breakfast cups and spoons are not instantly changed when the ones present are all taken? So now I get a coffee and I put some sugar and don't find a spoon, am I supposed to steer it with my finger or what?! And what of those extra small tequila cups they put for juices? Because no way on earth these are made for orange or pineapple juice! (There are demonstrating pictures of them) As for the hotel's services, I think that this was the ultimate joke. For example the concierge desk man who is responsible for reserving trips, Ne'ma bay buses and taxies wasn't at his desk 80% of the time. House keeping went inside twice to clean without putting a watter bottle for us although we were on all inclusive and when we called house keeping or the reception they didn't answer and when they did and we told them you haven't put water for us they said we'll send you one straight away and they didn't send anything until we called again and shouted at them. The room floor was not properly cleaned and the towls were not changed (I knew this as one day I had a stain on my towl and the next day I found the same stain there). There were dirty plates, trays and cups continuously put infront of our room door (a demonstrating picture is present). Pros and Cons Pros: The beach - the pools - the free transportation buses between the two hotel sections and between the hotel and Ne'ma bay - the location as it it right infront of the airport and very close to Soho square. Cons: Food - cleanness - unworthy workers - terrible services - high prices relative to bad service. Summary: If you're still looking for a hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, try to avoid this one but if you have already made your decision then book it with breakfast only and have all your meals from outside. It will be cheaper and better.More


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