The MyFirstChoice app’s had a makeover

Just like the Fairy Godmothers we are, we’ve gone and given the MyFirstChoice app an upgrade that Cinderella would approve of. We’re talking inside and out, pulling in some fab new features, as well as updating the app’s aesthetics. And, fact remains, we still reckon the MyFirstChoice app is your perfect travel companion, putting your holiday in the palm of your hands.


Download the MyFirstChoice app for free from the App Store or Google Play


  • Manage your bookings

    It only takes a minute to add your existing booking to your MyFirstChoice app. A few details – name, booking reference, etc – and Bob’s your uncle. But you knew that already. This time around, we’re letting you add multiple bookings on to the app, and you can delete old ones with the touch of a finger, too. For the first time, you can browse and book First Choice holidays directly from the app, as well.



  • Mobile boarding passes

    Easier is always better, right? Which is exactly why downloading your boarding passes straight to your smartphone is the way forward. And the MyFirstChoice app lets you do just that, so you can wave goodbye to fishing out printed paperwork at the check-in desk. It’s much better on the environment, too. And don’t worry if you’ve checked in on a different device or a computer – your boarding passes will whizz through the interweb and land in your MyFirstChoice app the next time you log in.


  • Holiday countdown

    It’s official – the MyFirstChoice app gives you absolute bragging rights to plaster your holiday excitement all over your social media accounts. Check out the holiday countdown – and watch each day, hour and even minute tick ‘til your getaway begins – then make everyone jealous by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. You can do the same with up-to-the-minute weather forecasts of your destination, too.



  • Hotel & destination guides

    We’ve packed the app with all the inspiration you could ever need. In fact, as soon as you punch in your holiday details, loads of info and photos of your hotel and destination will appear, as if by magic. Swipe through, and you can start planning your trip to the region’s best beaches, top nightspots, and swankiest shopping districts. And, don’t forget to share it all with your friends and family on social media.


     Download the MyFirstChoice app for free from the App Store or Google Play and Sign up for offers.