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Spain’s sleepiest stretch

Spain’s most southerly Costa – which stretches from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Portuguese border – has ‘retreat’ written all over it. You won’t find any high-rise complexes along its 320-kilometre coastline. Instead, it’s all Moorish towns, fishing villages and laid-back beach resorts. You can fly into Faro and stay at cosy coastal hideaway, Islantila, or land in Jerez, the world’s sherry capital, and kick back on the huge stretch of sand at Chiclana de la Frontera.

Blue Flag Islantilla

Fly in to Faro and you’ll stay in Islantilla, close to Portugal’s border. The locals have long been on to it as one of Spain’s top hideaways – and they should know. Its biggest highlight is a 20-kilometre Blue Flag beach, which stretches from Puerto del Terrón to Isla Cristina. And if you’re a fan of fairways, you won’t want to miss a round at the 27-hole Islantilla Golf Club. It’s one of southern Spain’s most beautiful courses.

Beyond the sand

Fly in to Jerez, meanwhile, and you’ll get a concentrated hit of old-school Spain. This Moorish city is the world’s sherry capital, but it isn’t just about fortified wine – it’s just as famous for its horse shows and first-rate flamenco performances. Jerez is part of the Cadiz province, which is all about quiet villages, great scenery and unspoilt beaches. Talking of beaches, the place to head is Chiclana de la Frontera. The huge sandy stretch here is rated as one of the best in Spain.

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Chiclana de la Frontera

Chiclana de la Frontera – or Chiclana as it’s known – is on the Bay of Cadiz in southern Spain. The place gets more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, yet somehow it’s stayed off the radar of most sun-seekers. The locals are in on the secret, though – they head to spotless La Barrosa beach every summer. And with standout cooking, superb wines and a Seve Ballesteros-designed golf course, there’s much more than just sand to keep them coming back to this area.

Isla Canela

On Spain’s south coast, close to the border with Portugal, Isla Canela – AKA Cinnamon Island – has so far managed to stay under the tourist radar. It means even at the height of summer this place doesn’t feel crowded. The fact that it’s separated from the mainland by the Guadiana River might have something to do with it. You’ll find salt marshes teeming with flying fish and rare birdlife to the north, and a long beach to the south.


One of the newest resorts on Spain’s Costa de Luz, little Islantilla sits between its bigger-sister resorts of La Antilla and Santa Isabel, close to the Portuguese border. It may be small but the place has a spacious feel, thanks to the carefully designed parks, squares and tree-lined promenade. And one thing’s for sure – you won’t feel hemmed in on the long stretch of sand here.

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