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Egypt’s best bits

Egypt. There’s nowhere else quite like it. Think feluccas drifting down the Nile, Pyramids rising out of the desert, and bazaars stacked with spices. And then there are the beaches – miles of golden sand, all facing the snorkel-friendly waters of the Red Sea.

Standout sights in Luxor

Most people tend to think of the Pyramids whenever Egypt’s mentioned. But this place is no one-trick pony when it comes to sightseeing. Luxor is case in point. From here you’ve got the Temple of Karnak, the Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings within striking distance.

Nile cruising

A great way to pack in loads of the big sights is on a Nile cruise. Sail down the world’s most famous river and hop off to visit sights like Edfu Temple and Abu Simbel.

Red Sea & Sinai

Of course, ancient treasures aren’t Egypt’s only trump card. The Red Sea Riviera is the place to head for sandy beaches and luxe resorts. It’s a diver’s dream too, with kaleidoscopic corals and marine life just beneath the surface.

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Red Sea and Sinai

This place comes top of the class in the holiday stakes thanks to its beachfront hotels and Aladdin-style desert scenery. Diving is where it really wins brownie points, though. Beneath the waves you’ll find forests of coral, black-as-night canyons and a thousand-plus species of tropical fish.


With a whopping 5,000 years of civilisation under its belt, Egypt can reel off a list of sights like nowhere else. Handily, loads of the biggies are in the Nile Region, clustered along its namesake river and the city of Luxor.

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