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Tropical beaches

India. It’s the home of spicy curries, colourful saris and – of course – that marble testament to never-ending love, the Taj Mahal. But trace your finger down a map of this triangle-shaped country, and you’ll find Goa on the coast, about three-quarters of the way down. And it’s here, on the edge of the Arabian Sea, that India gets a tropical twist.

South Goa

Down in Goa’s laid-back south you’ll find a handful of chilled-out beach resorts with creamy-white sands and supermodel-skinny palm trees. But beaches aren’t all Goa’s got up its sleeve. Head inland and this place throws up emerald-green paddy fields, jungle-fringed rivers and picture-book temples.

Arossim and Cavelossim

Resort-wise, the names to remember are Arossim Beach and Cavelossim. In both, you’ll find luxe hotels, Instagram-worthy scenery and go-slow attitudes. In terms of nightlife, these two like to keeps things low-key. Evenings here are spent sipping from cocktail-filled pineapples at thatched-roof beach bars.

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