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An island of two halves

When it comes to holiday resorts, Kos goes from one extreme to the other. On the one hand it’s got bright and breezy towns like Kardamena, where the beach comes with a side-order of karaoke bars and nightclubs. On the other, there are blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spots like Psalidi that are not much more than a handful of tavernas and a sliver of sand.

From past to present in Kos Town

Of course, there are places that walk the middle-ground tightrope, like Kos Town. The island’s capital teams ancient ruins and a chic harbour-front with a strobe-and-laser fest dubbed the ‘Street of Bars’ by the locals.

Top-notch beaches

With over 290 kilometres of coastline, Kos isn’t exactly short of a golden sweep or two. In fact, the sands skirting the south coast are among the best in the Dodecanese. As for the northern shores, they’re spot on for watersports.

Old-school Greece

Inland, Kos is textbook Greece, with whitewashed villages giving way to wooded hillsides and silvery olive groves. It’s got plenty of historical leftovers, too. Marble columns hark back to Kos’ stint as a Greek and Roman outpost, while gargoyles and ramparts are a nod to the island’s former overlords, the Knights of St John.


Head out to eat and you’ll most likely be presented with a glass of this anise-flavoured liqueur at some stage of the meal. It’s served ice-cold and straight up, but be warned – you’ll be tipsy pretty quickly.

Things to See and Do in Kos

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Kardamena used to be a fishing village but just look at it now. Set on the southeast coast of Kos, the mid-sized resort has turned into one of the island’s liveliest holiday destinations. The place plays up to the Brit pack – and the karaoke and clubs keep pulling in the crowds.

Kos Town

Way back in the day, the Romans ruled the roost at Kos Town. Set on the northeast coast of Kos, the place still carries their mark in its ancient ruins. It’s not all history here, though. A throbbing nightlife and some of the best beaches on the island in easy reach means there’s plenty of fun to be had in the 21st century.


In resort terms, Psalidi doesn’t make a big noise. This modern town on the east coast of the island of Kos is a low-key, laid-back kind of place that deals in quiet days and chilled-out nights. For a small spot, the hotels are quite spread out but the seafront packs in the tavernas and restaurants. And you get a great 2-for-1 deal here – because lively neighbour Kos Town is just 3 kilometres down the road.

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