Lanzarote Holidays

Striking scenery

If you had to describe the Canaries’ most easterly isle in one word, it’d have to be dramatic. You can’t go far without clocking a soaring cliff or volcanic peak. That said, it’s the beaches that draw people in, and there are about 30 kilometres’ worth of them – not to mention off-the-beaten-track spots that never made the official list.

Party-hard Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is home to a 6-kilometre stretch of sand that melts into ultra-calm seas. The resort itself is pretty lively, thanks to a 2-mile party strip lined with shops, bars and clubs. On the flip side, you can skip the neon altogether and head for the old town’s tapas bars.

Laid-back Costa Teguise

For something more low-key, Costa Teguise is a good bet. It’s really popular with windsurfers, but is also home to the island’s only waterpark, an 18-hole golf course and a clutch of shops. Three beaches are thrown in, including the white-sand stretch at Los Charcos.

Traditional Playa Blanca

To get a taste of traditional Lanzarote, try Playa Blanca, which means ‘white beach’. Waterside restaurants line the prom here, and the harbour is all quaint, old-world buildings. On the subject of buildings, you’ll be hearing a lot about a certain Cesar Manrique. The architect lobbied for strict planning rules to protect his home turf, and did a sterling job.

Things to See and Do in Lanzarote

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Playa Blanca

Set on Lanzarote’s southwest tip, Playa Blanca may be the third largest tourist place on the island but it hasn’t got too big for its boots. It’s all about laid-back sophistication here and the classy marina and local fishermen get along just fine. As for the name of the resort – it means white beach.

Costa Teguise

Set on Lanzarote’s south-east corner, Costa Teguise is a purpose-built resort that sprang up in the Seventies. Back then it drew crowds of wealthy Spaniards – and it must be doing something right because the King of Spain still has a bolthole here. It’s not just popular with the royals, though. With the friendly vibe and a line-up of sandy beaches, families give this place the thumbs-up, too.

Playa de los Pocillos

Resort-wise, Playa de los Pocillos is a bit of an introvert. This purpose-built place on Lanzarote’s east coast is all about toned-down holidays that put the emphasis on R&R. You don’t have to dial things down all the time, though. This spot is big on windsurfing and away from the beach you’ve got lively Puerto del Carmen just down the road.

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