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Seats with extra space

Emergency exit seat

These are the seats everyone wants. There aren’t many so get in quick.

How to book
You can book seats with extra space for an extra charge by selecting the option when you’re booking your holiday. You’ll then get access to our Select Your Seat service from 90 days before your return flight. That’s when you get to choose your seats on the plane.

If you’ve already booked your flight, give us a call on 0203 636 1790 to upgrade to these seats.

A few things you need to know
These include seats that are close to, or next to, emergency exit doors, behind a bulkhead, or behind a dividing wall. If you fly in one of our 787 Dreamliners, they may also be located in the first 4 rows of the Economy Club cabin. Seats with extra space are only available for adults and children 14 years and over to book in advance, but we may allocate these seats to families with children if the seats are not located in an emergency exit row. Emergency exit seats are only available to passengers who are able-bodied and a suitable size. Our cabin crew or check–in staff must believe you have the strength and mobility to open the exit door in the case of emergency.

Sorry – we can’t let the following passengers sit in emergency exit seats…
- Passengers suffering from disabilities that mean they can’t move quickly
- Passengers who need an extension seatbelt
- Passengers who are frail due to age or sickness and who can’t move quickly
- Children up to 14-years-old
- Passengers with assistance dogs

Passengers who are hearing or visually impaired can sit in these seats as long as they can receive and understand instructions from the cabin crew.