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Select Your Seat

Select Your Seat

If you pay extra to select your seat, you’ll get priority access to online check-in. Bear in mind, if you’re on an A la Carte holiday, you won’t need to pay any extra to reserve seats as long as you’ve booked at least 14 days before you travel.

Once you’ve chosen your seat, you won’t be able to change it. That said, in some circumstances, we may have to change your seat. This would only be for operational, safety or security reasons. Select Your Seat Service is provided using the Civil Aviation Authority guidelines, therefore certain requirements must be satisfied before we can allocate seats near the exit.

If we do have to change your seat, we’ll try to keep it as close to what you booked as possible. A refund will only be offered if we can’t seat your group together and in a similar position to your original request*. In such cases, we ask that you keep a copy of your confirmation documents and boarding cards. If you choose the Select Your Seat option but then don’t go on to select your seat numbers, we’ll still try and seat your group together. If you’re not flying with Thomson Airways, we’ll do our best to keep your party together but we can’t guarantee it.

*Seats together may be across an aisle or behind each other. A similar position means the same type of seat (window, aisle etc) as your original selected seats.

To access Select your Seat, visit www.flightextras.thomson.co.uk or otherwise, pop in to your local First Choice shop or call us on 0203 636 1790 up to three days before your flight. Just so you know, if you booked through our website but you ask one of our travel shops to select your seats for you, you’ll need to pay a £5.00 admin fee.