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  • Has watching the Tour de France got you all geared up for a cycling adventure? Here’s why Majorca’s the place for you…

    As well as clocking up endless sandy beaches, a huge helping of family-friendly hotels and legendary nightlife, the Balearic island of Majorca has another talent up its sleeve – it’s a top-notch base for bike rides. The north of the island is the best place to be if you’re looking to saddle up. This is where you’ll find the up-and-down landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains – ideal for hill training. Along the base of the peaks, towards the island’s centre, is spirit level-friendly terrain where you can work on your stamina. There’s a decent dose of shorter routes along the northern coastal roads, too, where you can cycle with super sea views out ahead.

    Bike-rider bases

    After a day’s pedal pushing, you’ll want somewhere comfy to hang up your cycling clobber. Cue the Bellevue Lagomonte in the northern resort of Alcudia. It’s part of our SuneoClub range, which means it ticks off everything you need for a relaxing holiday, and has a budget-friendly price tag to boot. Its big pool with in-water sunbathing platforms is just the spot to dip your tired toes after a day on the road. And the buffet restaurant dishes up a huge choice of grub for you to refuel on. Of course, you can rent bikes directly from the hotel, too.

    So, what’s the Tour de France exactly?

    In a nutshell, it’s a 23-day cycling event, from the 1st to 23rd July 2017, where multiple teams from around the world – totalling 200 riders – battle their way around a 2,000-mile-long course. As you’d expect from the name, it’s normally in France, but has branched out into other countries, too, including good ol’ Blighty, most recently in 2014. Teams work together to complete different challenges, including mountain climbs and races against the clock. And the overall winning team gets a shedload of dosh, plus – randomly – a lion cuddly toy.

    Can I get involved?

    The world’s most elite cyclists take to the road for the Tour de France, so it’s stiff competition. British Chris Froome has won the race three times during the last four years and is the bookies’ favourite to nab the title again this year. Unless your two-wheeling skills are up there with Mr Froome’s, you’re better off sticking to the side-lines for the Tour de France and heading off to Majorca instead.

    Kick start your cycling holiday by taking a look at the SuneoClub Bellevue Lagomonte.

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