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  • Vietnam is new to the First Choice family, and we’re pretty excited to show it off and let you know exactly why we’ve added it to the bill. It’s not just the UNESCO-approved architecture or the city vs countryside vibes, the list of reasons to visit is endless. Here are just a few of our favourites…


    Vietnam has some of the best food in the world. Whether you love a bit of fresh seafood, caught daily by local fishermen, or you prefer heading to a food market to try some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, sampling everything from noodles to nuoc mam – a fermented fish sauce. While you’re there you have to try goi cuon, which are spring rolls packed with veg, herbs and minced pork, shrimp or crab. Or why not upgrade your sandwich Vietnamese style with a banh mi – a baguette with a range of different fillings, such as a freshly made omelette and paté.


    Are sun, sea and sand more your thing? How does 12 miles of sand at Long Beach, alongside jet skis and cocktails sound? Or maybe you fancy something more exclusive, like the resorts in Duo Duong Town, which have their own private area of the beach for some undisturbed sunbathing. And if you fancy getting away from it altogether, heading to the north coast to somewhere like undisturbed Bai Ganh Dau is as close to that deserted island feeling as you can get.



    It’s not just the beaches you should be ogling, there’s a tonne more up Vietnam’s sleeves. From forest-covered mountains, pearl farms and endless fields of pepper plantations, Vietnam’s scenery is something else. And it’s not just the views on land you need to pay attention to, as it’s underwater world offers pretty coral reefs, bamboo sharks and bioluminescent plankton which turn the waters into a twinkling blue light show at night.



    Everyone loves a bit of thrill-seeking on their holiday, and Vietnam definitely delivers. You can crawl through history – literally – by going deep in to the tiny, dark Cu Chi tunnels, a huge network of interlinking underground tunnels which were used by Viet Cong guerrillas during combat. You also get the chance to shoot some of the weapons there, too.

    Experience it like a local

    You haven’t really seen Vietnam til you get stuck in and see it like a local. Travel through the streets on a three-wheeled taxi, take a cooking class or two to learn the best Vietnamese secrets, and take to the canals by boat to explore orchards and gardens.

    Ready to explore Vietnam? Find more inspiration, as well as info on how to book, over on our First Choice website.

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