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  • The time has come to reveal who can change their job on Facebook to ‘First Choice Slide Tester’…

    It’s been touted as the ‘Best Job in the World’. It involves swanning – swimming? – around our SplashWorld hotels in places where the sun ain’t shy, thundering down water slides and flumes for a living, and rating them based on the ‘biggest splash’ and ‘adrenalin factor’. As one of the finalists speculated (I was eavesdropping, don’t judge), “Seriously, where’s the Punk’d crew hidden?

    Think ‘Chief Chocolate Taster’ at Cadbury. I mean, it shouldn’t be a real job.

    The 5-month search for our new Slide Tester saw more than 2,000 people apply for this much hankered-after role. The entries were as weird as they were wonderful. But the most wonderful, the most creative, the most flipping talented of all the applicants, were the following 5. Ladies and gents, meet our ‘Splash Idols’…

    Slide Tester finalists

    {L-R – Seb Smith, Nazain Samuel, Emma Heath, Liam Crouse & Oliver Morris}

    After a long elimination process – Judge’s Houses took place at our HQ in Luton… Scherzinger wouldn’t have stood for that – and a nailbiting wait to get The Call, our Fab Five jetted off to the 5-star Iberotel Makadi Saraya Splash Resort in Egypt, to battle it out in the final. Forget duetting with Beyoncé, our challenges were far more fun. Think Superman-style clothing transformations from the top of a slide to the bottom.

    So, who emerged victorious?

    After much deliberation (cogitation and digestion), our pink T-shirt-clad panel of judges declared the winner to be… *glances at contents of gold envelope*… Seb Smith! Seb was a bit blasé about it, to be honest…

    Seb Smith

    We kid.

    For the next 6 months, you’re going to be seeing a lot of our new recruit, so it’s only fair you get to know him a bit better. I grabbed the exclusive interview – actually, it could have been the second, but it was the only one where he was asked his favourite cheese – with Seb while he was still floating around the waterpark, sporting a smile the size of Florida. Check back on the blog on Friday for the full scoop.

    To keep you going till then, here’s the video of our finalists battling it out in Egypt…

    Did any of you have a hunch that Seb might snatch the title after we showed you the final 5’s application videos?   

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2 Responses to “The Winner Takes It All”

  1.' Efren Cleto Jul 23, 2016

    Hello, my name is Efren.
    I would like to know more about the water slide testers?
    Is their a link to apply?
    What would I have to do, in order to be consider for the position?

    -thank you

    •' Gemma Walters Jul 25, 2016

      Hi Efren, Thank you for your message. All our job vancancies can be found directly on our careers page. You will be able to apply for this online. ^J