Hotel Louis Zante Beach

This place might be surrounded by beach and forest, but it’s within easy reach of shops, bars and restaurants, too.

This hotel is on Zante’s longest beach, a sandy stretch backed by a pretty pine forest. There’s a big pool just steps from the sands, so you get sea views while you swim, and children get a giant pirate-ship play area.

For evening meals, you’ve got 2 restaurants, including an Asian buffet restaurant. And for more options, you’re just a 10-minute walk from Laganas’ bars and restaurants, while Zante Town is a 5-minute drive along the coast.

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All Inclusive - Here's what you get


Buffet meals. 1 visit per week to the Asian restaurant. Snacks between meals 10.00-24.00. Picnics on request. Ice-cream for children 11.00-12.30 & 15.30-17.00.


Local alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

Sports and Activities

All are included except where indicated.

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Outdoor pool

Sunbeds and parasols line the pool. Beach sunbeds have an extra charge.

Dionissos buffet restaurant

Bungalow suites are fresh and well-lit- there's outside space with a balcony overlooking the gardens so there's lots of fresh air and natural light. You'll have air-conditioning, a lounge area, TV, DVD player, fridge, safety deposit box* and there's also free Wi-Fi. They're similar to a small apartment block and are in blocks of 6 - there's 3 on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor. And just so you know, they're a short walk from the main hotel making them unsuitable for those with walking difficulties.

Ionian pool bar

The pool bar offers refreshments throughout the day.

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twin room

Twin room sleeps up to 2 adults and 1 child up to 12 years - can be sold as a single. With twin beds, an extra camp-bed, mini-fridge, daily maid service - except Sundays and towel and linen change three times a week.

interconnecting room with sea view

Interconnecting room with sea view sleeps up to 3 with a mini-fridge, daily maid service - except Sundays and a towel and linen change three times a week. You'll need to book 2 of these room types to get 2 rooms with a connecting door.

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Easy to be seduced by the location, BUT.....!

Firstly this is OUR review of how WE found things at this hotel and it is OUR opinion based on other hotels/holidays/value for money and how this compares. This really is a stunning location for a hotel and you are right on the beach which is beautiful, nice and shallow with lovely warm water however for the price we paid we thought the standard of the room we were given was appalling and we were upgraded! We don't spend much time in our room whilst away but expect a decent shower (the head of ours was corroded in the direction of the back wall) so you had to squat to get under the water flow, all fixtures and fittings were well past their best, the wardrobes and drawers smelt musty and damp and when we showered the floor flooded because of the leaking shower screen. There was a drain in the floor and as we showered water and soap suds flowed back upwards in to the bathroom, vile!. You needed your wellies when you got out. Also the food is good but not great and very repetitive after 2 weeks especially the beef stews and desserts which really are quite poor and always bordered on warm. Yes this is Greece and standards are different but we paid well over £4000 for a family room and when we walked into the one allocated there is no way this was big enough for the four of us, 2 adults and 2 kids aged 9 and 6. Luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it the Air Conditioning was not working so before unpacking we called reception who sent a very rude maintenance man to look at it. He just jiggled the vents and grunted at us then vanished, we therefore had no idea what to do so put another call into reception who then sent a lady along who just walked into the room without knocking! she also did nothing and said it is fine, it was not and the vents were filthy, stuffed with dead leaves and what looked like an old quilt cover, this vent was about 30cms away from the pillow of the top bunk and I wouldn't have let a dog sleep near it let alone a child (so cross I didn't take some photos). By now we were melting and trying to find room to stand around in this alleged 'family room' with our luggage. In fact it was a double room with a set of bunk beds stuck in the walk way to the door and stuck right in front of the bathroom so it was impossible to move around and the storage was insufficient and smelt. So one of us had to go to reception to complain again, we had arrived by noon and were keen to get on with our holiday and time was ticking on. At reception they said 'we feel you will be more comfortable in one of our superior rooms' as if they are doing us a huge favor, they seemed embarrassed by the size of the room allocated, remember all we'd asked for was a room with working A/C but now they seemed concerned our room was too small so why allocate it at all. They offered us the choice of two rooms and indeed the size of the new room was slightly better (and indeed what we felt we had paid for in terms of family size) but please be aware if you are paying the premium for these 'superior family rooms' they just have two sofa beds in an area near the patio doors and still aren't huge, just about adequate for our purposes. The partition is a bit of net curtain! Not impressed. For a superior room this was grim, in desperate need of a make over and the storage for 4 was a joke, not enough space and nowhere to put your cases so these ended up stacked on the one chest of drawers and one in the wardrobe which meant the hanging space was compromised, remember once the sofa beds are made up for the beds for the kids you are then expected to store the huge cushions that sit on these beds when they are sofas so these were also in the wardrobe and stacked on the floor!. The drawers were musty in this room too, the fridge ancient and it leaked and it was also barely cold and then you had to pay for the safe. You then had the luxury of looking after the safe key with your room number on it for the duration of your stay, who ever heard of a safe key advertising your room number, bizarre!!. How about electronic key pad safes that other hotels offer for free so you have no key to worry about!?? Once we finally checked in we found the grounds and main hotel pleasant but A/C in the main areas and main restaurant needed to be turned up as it got hotter and hotter during out stay and felt inadequate at times. Temperatures reached the late 30's so you needed more cool air and it really wan't cold enough in these areas, we ate outside the first part of the holiday but it got too hot the last week and we wanted to be inside plus the sparrows that swoop through the restaurant really started to grate. Don't leave food unaccompanied as you will find a sparrow tucking into it on your return and bird droppings were common on the chairs. The birds even come into the main restaurant particularly at quieter times and obviously do this often as they make straight for the cake/bread. Pretty grim! How about some nets?? The pool was nice and kept clean, if like me you are an early riser and like to sit by the pool before breakfast beware the man hosing down, this is done quite late and he will wet all your stuff left by the pool. Also the pool is meant to open by 8am but is often still being cleaned after this and you cant use it. Also beware the man doing the chlorine for the pool, I was by the pool one morning and he threw a scoopful of powered chlorine into the pool, the breeze took it and it coated me in white powder, completely taking my breath away. Very dangerous and luckily didn't happened to a child, I complained to reception who later that day delivered fruit and wine to the room so obviously they knew how serious this could have been (this was the same rude man who checked our A/C initially). Overall despite these niggles the hotel is nice and the staff are amazing and are a true credit to the hotel (with the odd exception as is usually the case anywhere). Our room was very noisy as people really do like to drag and move furniture in the early hours so we had very little sleep, also there is a 3 inch gap under the front door so noise and insects come into the room, some people really are completely ignorant and have no consideration for other people. They make as much noise as possible en route to their rooms and love nothing more than slamming doors and letting kids scream and run riot. There are lots of kids here, many in huge family groups and the supervision of some is non existent. So if you want peace and quiet this really isn't the place in high season, we are glad we came home when we did as it was just getting busier and busier. Our room was a huge disappointment and so noisy, we now feel in need of another holiday. The only plus point was the very clean towels and sheets we got, towels changed daily as there is no where to hang them to dry and sheets changed every few days. The other gripe we had was smoking, as mentioned by other reviewers this is EVERYWHERE even in the eating areas, there are a few non smoking tables outside the main restaurant but you need to get to dinner early to get one. It is vile and we lost count of the number of times we had to move to avoid clouds of smoke being blown at us, the cancer stick brigade will love it here. Management need to address this and ban smoking in all eating areas and give some of the patio areas over to non smokers. I'd love their response on this. Food in the beach bar was good, the usual snacks, pizza, chips etc but we mainly ate at the main restaurant to avoid the smoke as here it is worse than anywhere as it is trapped by the covered roof area. The ice cream and sauces on offer were fab, also there are cones/take out pots which were very much appreciated. Also the late night snacks were fab and much appreciate particularly if dinner wasn't so good. We did a turtle boat trip form the beach, very reasonable and a great trip (the first lady you come to on the beach offering these who is English) and you get your money back if you don't see a turtle. We saw lots and when we got to turtle island my husband and eldest son snorkeled with one. We then did two trips of our own hiring a speedboat from the beach and taking it over to the island and around the bay, we always found turtles which was fabulous to see and again my husband and son swam with them. This was the highlight of the holiday. We broke one of our own rules and booked a Thomson trip from the rep at the hotel, the only time the rep spoke to us!!! i.e. when we were handing over money. We opted for the Lazy Day cruise as it sounded great from the brochure. How wrong and what a rip off. The bus collected us at 8.20 and we got to the boat at about 8.40 and got on. We were the first and the seats were hard plastic benches with metal tables between two benches facing each other. By the time we left the harbour the boat was rammed, far too many people on board for comfort and oh you've guessed it smoking was the order of the day. We were surround by people puffing so from 8.45 until 4.45 when we finally managed to escape this awful uncomfortable boat we all smoked a packet of cigarettes each! totally disgusting and the only rest bite was when we were allowed off the boat to swim. Which were 3 very short stops and the promised hour at the shipwreck was cut to 45 minutes when we arrived. There were 4 reps on board and they talked most of the day taking it in turns in their respective languages. Infuriating by the end of the day. I spoke to the rep (Trevor) when we got off about the smoking and how unacceptable it was and he said he knew it was a problem and it had long been a bone of contention and they had had many complaints, he was very disinterested and if Thomson know this is a problem why not sort it out?! Don't bother with this trip, you sail up one side of the island and round to the shipwreck which takes until after noon to get there and then you come back the exact same way and see everything you saw on the way up on the way back down, what a joke. In all a very lovely location, nice to be able to walk into town in minutes, lots of shops etc. Shame we were all inclusive really as there are so many lovely restaurants/tavernas close to the hotel it would have been nice to eat out. Felt really safe and comfortable walking round the streets at night and was nice to get away from the hotel for a wander some evenings. Don't use the shop at the hotel, her prices are too high. Walk into town or along the beach as there are loads of shops/supermarkets selling the same things for half the price. Now for the animation team - one word JOKE! If your kids are slightly older but not yet teenagers they fall into a gap of not fitting with their programme. The kids club is 'mini' club and says it all i.e. suitable for tots and we saw no evidence of anything they did with the kids during our whole stay. Not until day 12 did anyone from kids club even approach our children and ask them to join in. Never before have we experience anything so poor. Our older son was desperate to play volleyball, darts etc things more interesting to him than face/t-shirt painting but he wasn't allowed. Raul was quite clear it wasn't safe!!! They wouldn't even let him join in with one of us taking responsibility for him, again never experienced anything so rubbish. There were a whole raft of slightly older kids just hanging round the pool on a daily basis so why no one from the animation team didn't take the initiative and arrange some pool games/water polo for the slightly older kids was beyond us, they just seemed happy to stand around if they weren't doing their particular activity. Also why go round the pool shouting 'anyone for volley ball' if they don't mean 'anyone'. My son jumped up on day one to join in but was sent packing. If its adults only shout 'any ADULTS for volleyball' or whatever the activity is.. Very poor and my son was gutted. Also aqua aerobics was fun once but it is the exact same music and routine EVERYDAY so soon became tired. Come on lets have some imagination. Avoided the evening entertainment at all costs as from what we saw the only word to sum it up was rubbish. In all a fab location but the hotel needs work, had we not paid so much I don't think we'd have been so peeved but in all a pleasant stay but be aware you are paying for location here and not comfort/luxury, even basis luxury. Speaking to people who stayed in the main hotel these rooms sounded better so may be worth looking into if you want sleep and have some comfort. We hate to be negative about somewhere so beautiful but these are the things that niggled us and there were quite a few .Would we return - hmmmm not sure, perhaps if we could be guaranteed a better nights sleep and a better standard of room possibly. Compared to other hotels this one is lacking in some areas but is pricey and then expects you to pay for extras which should be included i,.e. safe, wifi. Most people rave about this place but we suspect this is due to location more than anything else and I suppose how it compares to what you have experienced elsewhere. At the end of the day the choice is yours..! if you go enjoy the fabulous turtles they were the high point of our trip.More

700Margot, Leicester

Excellent hotel, amazing island.

Just returned from a fantastic 2 week holiday with all our family. The hotel and it's staff are all so helpful, friendly and extremely hard working. The hotel, room and grounds are spotlessly clean, with the staff working from morning till night. The food was amazing, with plenty of choice for all tastes. The theme nights gave a bit of variety. The Asian restaurant is definitely worth a visit and offers you a little something different during your stay (1 visit per week). Tea making facilities supplied in the room was a lovely touch and also a large bottle of water everyday too. The down side for us was the evening entertainment, the kids disco was fine, our grandchildren loved it but for adults after wasn't our thing, so we just retired to the main bar in the hotel. All inclusive drinks were ok, if you want to drink something a little stronger stick to the brandy! The beach bar food at lunchtime was lovely, again with lots of choice and the bbq meat cooked on a rotisserie was delicious. ( be prepared to gain a few pounds!) Our grandchildren loved Tony the lifeguard, who always 'high fived' them as they walked past. As other reviewers have said you do have to pay for the wifi, wasn't a problem for us, our children paid for it tho. It's nice not to have the family constantly on their phones. I would much have air conditioing which is free. The small charge on the beach for sunbeds goes to the conservation of the turtles, so don't understand the people who appear to grudge paying for that! (After all the turtles have been living there a lot longer than the tourists have been there) what a sight to be able to see the turtles in their natural environment, only a short way out from the beach, if you hire a pedalo or motorboat you can jump in and swim alongside them. Cameo island is definitely worth a visit, it's a little piece of paradise. €4 charge to get on but you get a drink included which is worth about €3. We hired a motorboat and drove around Cameo island and Turtle island for a couple of hours, you are not restricted to excursion time scales that way. The hotel is far enough away from the 'strip', but close enough if you do want that sort of thing. The people in Zante are so nice and friendly and make you feel so welcome. Whilst on holiday we renewed our wedding vows for our 25th wedding anniversary, at the hotel. Through Thomson we had a wedding co-ordinator, Julie, she was lovely and made our day run without a hitch. Julie organised a photographer, Richard (barefootfotos) who took some fantastic photos for us on the day. The hotel was a perfect setting for us and the staff so kind and helpful. Special thanks to the manager and his wife Katerina who very kindly left us a bottle of champagne, basket of fruit and a commemorative scroll in our room later that evening. We were also kept supplied with champagne throughout the afternoon by the hotel staff. We were made to feel very special throughout our day and our holiday itself. We will definitely return to Louis Zante Beach, it was the best holiday of our lives! (The weather helped, hardly a cloud in the sky the whole 2 weeks)More

Nigel S, Norwich, United Kingdom

Lovely Hotel, good entertainment

Visited early July. Booked in to a lovely room, not a beach view, but it was spacious and had plenty of drawers which some places don't have. Everything worked such as A/C, kettle, lights. Main buffet restaurant was never crowded; you could sit inside or outside. If you do sit outside don't leave your table with food on otherwise the sparrows will be tucking in when you get back. The food was good but it does get a bit boring over 2 weeks. The Asian restaurant, which you have to book, is also good but has a limited menu. It has one big pool which just about coped with the numbers and a kiddies pool . There are plenty of sunbeds and parasols to go round; no need to 'reserve' them. The Entertainment Team were fantastic, special thanks to them for really making it a great holiday. They were all talented and put on some really good shows. Raul is a real character and makes a real duo with Christina. They will ask you to join in the daytime activities but don't pester. Don't bother booking the turtle trip at this hotel as you are on the beach they use; just walk to the beach and get on a boat there, 10 Euros each. We went out on a Pedalo for 1 hour and saw 3. The Lazy day Cruise we went on is boring and didn't stop at the Blue Caves that is mentioned in the programme. The reception staff were helpful, even mended my sunglasses, gave advice about the area. We had a problem with a noisy neighbour which we reported to them, we had no more problems after that. Only real problem was in the gym; this does not have the A/C turned on for some reason - this makes it very uncomfortable to work out in. It closes at 7:00 so you can't use it when it cools down.More

Sporty_man2, Hull, England

One of our best holidays, ever!

Thank you all for making this a fantastic holiday! The hotel was really clean, the food was brilliant and all the staff were so friendly, while providing an excellent service. The animation team work so hard to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, and we love the fact that the hotel works with the marine park conservationists to take care of the turtles. Altogether a fabulous fortnight, we will definitely return!More

Angienurse, Guildford, United Kingdom

Nice hotel very friendly staff

Just returned from this hotel - on arrival our room was ready for us and we were greeted by very friendly staff. Within a few mins our cases were delivered to our sea view room. We paid extra for this but it was well worth it as our view also included the pool and the moutains. (room 239) caution thou the balconies on this side of the hotel are hot in the afternoon as they get full sun. The hotel its self is in a lovely location and is very well kept by the happy - very hard working and friendly staff. There was always plenty of good quality food choice at every meal time but my favorite was the beach bar at lunch time where they bar b q beautiful chicken and pork - this with greek salad overlooking the beach and the sea was idilic. There are comments on here about the the pool not being big enough for the number of guests and also about the cost of wifi. To be honest a bigger pool would be an advantage but it is certainly big enough to cool down in and have a little swim. That said it does get congested with childrens inflatables. As for the wifi - i bought a card from reception which gave me about three hours worth of connection for 10 euros and you can login and out as many times as wish until you have used you mins. This lasted me all week whatsapping the kids back home and more. We hired a car from the hotel for two days and explored the island. This cost us 110 euros but there are cheaper cars and in July i didn't think this was too bad. Exploring the island is a must if you haven't seen it and hiring a car is much cheaper than many trips. We also hired a motor boat off the beach and went over to turtle island - again well worth the cost and a must see. So to sum up - a great holiday in a lovely location cared for my friendly hard working people providing good service. If i have just one criticism it is this and it's not unique to this 4 star hotel:- It is widely published that this hotel a smart dress code in the main restaurant in the evening - this is not enforced by the hotel management nor is it adhered to by many of the guests. In fact some people looked like they had just left the beach. Note to hotel management - Either enforce your policy or remove it to avoid confusion and to enable people by bring the right evening attire More

Ady B,

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