1. What currency do I need to take with me?

  2. How long is my Travel Money Card valid?

  3. What is my MyAccount log-in/app log-in for Travel Money Card?

  4. The rate has changed since I bought my travel money online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk. Can I get the new rate?

  5. Can you tell me what my Travel Money Card balance is?

  6. How do I activate my second Multi-currency Travel Money card?

  7. Is the second card Travel Money Card linked to a separate account?

  8. I have forgotten my pin number for my Travel Money Card. What do I do?

  9. I've lost my Travel Money Card, what do I need to do?

  10. I have ordered a new Travel Money Card and it still hasn't arrived, what shall I do?

  11. I am trying to reload my Travel Money Card but it keeps telling me it is an invalid number, what do I need to do?

  12. I have reloaded my Travel Money Card/bought an item but it isn't showing, what do I need to do?

  13. Can I purchase Buy Back Guarantee?

  14. What do I do with my unused travel money?

  15. Who do I contact if there's a problem with my Travel Money Card?

  16. Where could I find out about buying travel money?

  17. What's a Travel Money Card?

  18. Is there a maximum I can spend with the Travel Money card?

  19. How much does it cost to transfer currencies on the Multi-Currency Travel Money Card?

  20. How can I load money onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card or transfer money to a different currency on the card?

  21. How much does it cost to load currency onto the card?

  22. How can I withdraw money that's left on my Travel Money Card?

  23. What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

  24. I have more than one currency loaded onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will it always use the one for the country I am visiting?

  25. What if I want to buy something and have enough in the overall balance to pay for it but it is split between a number of different currencies?

  26. I haven't received my email confirmation for my Travel Money card, what should I do?

  27. I have tried to place an order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk but it keeps telling me it is unable to complete my transaction and to try again later, what should I do?

  28. What is the amount of currency I can order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk?

  29. I'm going on a day trip to a country with a different currency. I only have Euros on my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will the card use these?

  30. Can I change the Holiday Store that I collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order from?

  31. Can I choose the currency denominations when I order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk?

  32. Can I send someone else to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order?

  33. My passport and driving license don't match the name on the card that I have paid for my travel money with, can I use these to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order?

  34. I have ordered the wrong currency online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk can I change it?

  35. I've been charged a cash advance fee, with my order from TUItravelmoney.co.uk, why is this?

  36. I can't find the currency that I need on the website TUItravelmoney.co.uk, why is this?

  37. I live in Northern Ireland or Jersey; can I order travel money from TUItravelmoney.co.uk for collection from my nearest TUI Holiday Store?

  38. I ordered travel money from TUItravelmoney.co.uk for home delivery but I wasn't in to sign for it, what do I do?

  39. What ID do I need to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk currency order from the TUI Holiday Store?

  40. Why does the ordering system on TUItravelmoney.co.uk round up my order?

13) Can I purchase Buy Back Guarantee?

At the moment the buy back guarantee is only available on travel money purchases made in our TUI Holiday Stores, and can be used up to  a value of £200. Visit your local TUI Holiday Store for more information and full terms and conditions.