• Airport Hotel and Parking
  • Checking in
  • Flight Information
  • Luggage
  • Onboard experience
  1. How much legroom will I get on the flight?
  2. What food and drink is available on my flight?
  3. Can I use personal electronic devices on the flight?
  4. Is there entertainment onboard my flight?
  5. Where can I find out more about the 787 Dreamliner?
  6. Can I take my own food for the flight?
  7. Can I use e-cigarettes onboard my TUI flights?
  8. How can I pay for things that I buy onboard TUI flights?
  9. What can I buy on TUI flights?
  10. Why was my credit/debit card declined when I tried to buy something onboard a TUI flight?
  11. What food and drinks are included on my long haul flight?

6) Can I take my own food for the flight?