8) What happens if I need to quarantine on arrival at my destination?

In line with our Holiday Promise, if we know a destination or hotel is asking people to quarantine when they arrive in the country - and there isn't the option to forgo this quarantine period by providing evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or of being fully vaccinated - we won't operate there and you'll be entitled to either a fee-free change or a full refund. 

Some destinations require passengers to quarantine on arrival unless they can provide evidence that they've been fully vaccinated. We're still operating holidays to these destinations, so that our customers who are vaccinated are able to travel. It's your responsibility to ensure you only book a holiday to these destinations if you've been fully vaccinated or if you're willing to quarantine on arrival. If you book a holiday to these destinations and you haven't been fully vaccinated by the time you travel, you will have to quarantine on arrival, or you will be able to change your booking fee-free to another holiday travelling with the same airline, but you won't be able to cancel.