1. What currency do I need to take with me?

  2. How long is my Travel Money Card valid?

  3. What is my MyAccount log-in/app log-in for Travel Money Card?

  4. The rate has changed since I bought my travel money online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk. Can I get the new rate?

  5. Can you tell me what my Travel Money Card balance is?

  6. How do I activate my second Multi-currency Travel Money card?

  7. Is the second card Travel Money Card linked to a separate account?

  8. I have forgotten my pin number for my Travel Money Card. What do I do?

  9. I've lost my Travel Money Card, what do I need to do?

  10. I have ordered a new Travel Money Card and it still hasn't arrived, what shall I do?

  11. I am trying to reload my Travel Money Card but it keeps telling me it is an invalid number, what do I need to do?

  12. I have reloaded my Travel Money Card/bought an item but it isn't showing, what do I need to do?

  13. Can I purchase Buy Back Guarantee?

  14. What do I do with my unused travel money?

  15. Who do I contact if there's a problem with my Travel Money Card?

  16. Where could I find out about buying travel money?

  17. What's a Travel Money Card?

  18. Is there a maximum I can spend with the Travel Money card?

  19. How much does it cost to transfer currencies on the Multi-Currency Travel Money Card?

  20. How can I load money onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card or transfer money to a different currency on the card?

  21. How much does it cost to load currency onto the card?

  22. How can I withdraw money that's left on my Travel Money Card?

  23. What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

  24. I have more than one currency loaded onto my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will it always use the one for the country I am visiting?

  25. What if I want to buy something and have enough in the overall balance to pay for it but it is split between a number of different currencies?

  26. I haven't received my email confirmation for my Travel Money card, what should I do?

  27. I have tried to place an order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk but it keeps telling me it is unable to complete my transaction and to try again later, what should I do?

  28. What is the amount of currency I can order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk?

  29. I'm going on a day trip to a country with a different currency. I only have Euros on my Multi-Currency Travel Money Card, will the card use these?

  30. Can I change the Holiday Store that I collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order from?

  31. Can I choose the currency denominations when I order online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk?

  32. Can I send someone else to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order?

  33. My passport and driving license don't match the name on the card that I have paid for my travel money with, can I use these to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk order?

  34. I have ordered the wrong currency online at TUItravelmoney.co.uk can I change it?

  35. I've been charged a cash advance fee, with my order from TUItravelmoney.co.uk, why is this?

  36. I can't find the currency that I need on the website TUItravelmoney.co.uk, why is this?

  37. I live in Northern Ireland or Jersey; can I order travel money from TUItravelmoney.co.uk for collection from my nearest TUI Holiday Store?

  38. I ordered travel money from TUItravelmoney.co.uk for home delivery but I wasn't in to sign for it, what do I do?

  39. What ID do I need to collect my TUItravelmoney.co.uk currency order from the TUI Holiday Store?

  40. Why does the ordering system on TUItravelmoney.co.uk round up my order?

17) What's a Travel Money Card?

Our Multi-Currency Travel Money Card is a safe and secure alternative to carrying cash abroad. It's a pre-paid card that you can load with the currency you choose. You can even load more than one currency - up to eight in fact! You can then use the card to make purchases or withdraw cash all over the world. 

Please visit our Travel Money Card pages for more information and to order a Travel Money Card.