• The tinsel takeover has well and truly begun. But, forget the season of goodwill, it’s a tough time for Christmas-cynics. Here are some problems only grinches will understand…

    1. Everyone is way too cheerful for your liking.


    2. You’re pretty much forced to wear a Christmas jumper.


    3. Everyone’s excited about decorating. Not you, so you fake it.


    4. Mainly because you remember last year’s fiasco…


    5. Wrapping is so not your forte, either.


    6. And Christmas shopping is just as stressful.


    7. The thought of checking your bank balance fills you with dread.


    8. You just know you’ll never get the presents you want anyway. So, you spend a few weeks practicing your fake ‘happy’ face.

    9. It doesn’t help that it seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year.

    10. And you’re so over people talking about the latest soppy Christmas ad.

    11. Plus, you’ve cottoned on to the great Christmas dinner ruse. It’s just a fancy roast with brussel sprouts. You’d rather do this…

    The solution?

    Basically, there’s only one option to avoid all of this – leave the country. We’re talking about sunnier climes, where Christmas is just a distant memory. You can escape to Tenerife, which is toasty year-round, or swap turkey with all the trimmings for creamy curries in Goa. In Thailand, it’s a couple of degrees cooler this time of year in coastal spots like Phuket and Khao Lak, so it’s perfect sunbathing weather. Finally, if you can stand the poultry jokes, there are temples, bazaars and ancient quarters to explore in Turkey. (Sorry. We couldn’t resist).

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