• It’s the perfect island retreat – endless white beaches and year-round sun. But Cape Verde isn’t just for topping up your tan. Here’s what you can get up to…


    With some of the best waves in the world, Cape Verde is the perfect place to try your hand at kite-surfing, wind-surfing or just plain old surfing. And if that’s not enough, you can also have a go at jet-skiing, sailing and scuba diving – though perhaps not all in one day. For something a bit more leisurely, take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat to explore the shipwrecks and colourful reefs that fringe the coast.

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    Salty Excursions

    Sal is Portuguese for salt and the island was once famous for its salt mines. For a slightly spooky yet fascinating experience, you can visit the old, abandoned mines, which were built inside dormant volcanoes. Or, be cultured and pampered at the same time by going for a dip in the saltpans. You’ll float on the surface due to the incredible buoyancy and emerge fully exfoliated. Bonus.

    Wildlife Spotting

    Whether you’re planning a winter escape or long summer break, you can see wildlife all year in Cape Verde. From July to September, night-time excursions run from Boa Vista to see loggerhead turtles laying eggs on the beach. Late February to May is whale-watching season and a catamaran trip is the perfect way to spot whales frolicking near the shore. If you’re partial to a bit of bird watching, pack those binoculars, as Cape Verde is home to many rare African breeds.


    Quad Biking Tour

    If you prefer sight-seeing of the adventurous variety, you can hop on a quad bike to navigate steep sand dunes and explore the nooks and crannies of Sal’s natural landscape. It’s a fun and adrenalin-fuelled way to discover hidden natural beauties and locate the best sunbathing spots. Whether you’re a group traveller or an independent soul, there’s a range of guided tours to join, offering easy routes or trickier off-road courses.

    Explore Santiago

    Fancy yourself as an avid explorer? Follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook and Sir Francis Drake with a trip to Santiago. Half the population of Cape Verde live here and it’s the best place to get immersed in local culture. There are colonial buildings, a presidential palace and bustling markets to explore. And a visit to the UNESCO-listed old capital of Cidade Velha provides an insight into the island’s troubled history.

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