• For parents, the summer holidays can seem like they last forever. But, if your kids aren’t as excited as are you are about their return to the classroom, we’ve got five ideas that might make the transition a little bit easier. And, if you’re already thinking about the next time your little ones are off, browse our deals for a getaway that doesn’t break the bank…

    1. Book a holiday

    Aerial Adventure at Holiday Village Ibiza

    Hang on – don’t roll your eyes just yet. There’s sense to our suggestion, we promise. The truth is, having a holiday in the calendar means you’ve all got something to look forward to. In fact, there’s not long until the October half term. So, why not start looking to see what’s out there, and get the kids involved? They’ll love our Holiday Villages, which are all geared up for families. Or, go to one of our Splashworld resorts, which all include free entry to a water park. Really want to get them excited? Our Walt Disney World Resort holidays include Disney’s Ultimate Ticket in the price of your break.

    2. Buy a cool rucksack

    Did you used to love shopping for school supplies at the end of the summer as much as us? Get your little ones excited for the new term by letting them pick out their own stationary. They’ll need a trusty new backpack, too. And, if you pick the right one, it can double up as travel back on your next holiday. So, when it’s time to swap their pencils for passports, your kids can travel in style.

    3. Get them involved with ‘holiday activities’ now you’re home 

    Did you visit a Holiday Village resort over the summer? If so, your kids probably had loads of fun at one of our HV Academies. Now school’s back, get them to try out for the local football team, swim some laps at the swimming pool, or join the drama club. Soon they’ll be having so much fun, they’ll have forgotten all about their new-term blues.

    4. Bring their lessons to life

    Travel is a great way to make learning fun for kids. And, when you’ve got a holiday on the horizon, it’s a good idea to have a few words in the local lingo up your sleeve. Booked a break in Spain? Get the kids learning Spanish, and they can practice while you’re away.

    5. Book an adults-only break (if you’re a teacher)

    It’s not just students who get the back-to-school blues. If you’re a teacher in need of a little R&R, take a look at our adults-only holidays. You might even be able to squeeze in a last-minute break before term starts back, so you’ll be firing on all cylinders by the time your new protégés walk through the door.

    Ready to put a smile on their faces? Take a look at our latest deals, plus find out why Holiday Villages are perfect for families and our top picks for the best All Inclusive family holidays.

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