• These days ‘pack light’ is a major mantra among the travel savvy. As well as sidestepping the nasty sting at check-in, it’s better for the planet, too…

    We’ve all seen the photos of A-listers sashaying through airports, all skyscraper heels and enough luggage to move house. For the rest of us, though, it can be a struggle just to get the zip shut on our case. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that over 35% of us are what’s called ‘panic packers’. In short, we squeeze in double what we actually need.


    Obviously, those of us who pack too much are more at risk of tipping the scales on our baggage allowance. Cue the pesky excess baggage charge. Plus, if you’re trying to curb your carbon footprint, it’s also worth leaving behind that extra pair of shoes. Without getting too technical, the more we pack, the heavier the plane, and the more fuel needed to get us to our sunloungers.
    So, here are our 8 top tips for becoming a cannier packer…

    1) Know Your Limits – The best way to avoid charges at the airport is to know your limits for both hand luggage and check-in baggage. Thomson Airways, for example, gives most holidaymakers a 15-kilo hold allowance.


    2) Go Extra Light – Hard-shell cases can weigh in at a whopping 5 kilos – and that’s before you’ve even put anything in them. Shop around for light cases that can shave off at least 2 kilos.

    3) Be Prepared  If you’re still a bit worried you might be over the limit, invest in some luggage scales. Try or


    4) Typecast  Pack according to the type of trip you’re going on. Chances are you won’t need an insulated jacket in Malta in the height of summer…

    5) Halve It – Lie everything out on your bed and then divide it in half. You’ll have more than enough to be going on with, even if you’re going on a fortnight break.


    6) Roll With It – Save space and stop your clothes looking more wrinkled than Dot Cotton. Fold each item in half, and roll up from the bulkiest end.

    7) Shampoo Share – Taking a separate set of toiletries for each member of the family is a faff, and bumps up weight. It won’t hurt to share the basics for a week or two.


    8) Think Ahead – At our Holiday Villages, you can book buggies and highchairs, plus other helpful kit, like sterilisers, upfront, so no need to pack these.

    What are your tips for packing smarter?