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Hannah Stratton is a marketing copywriter for First Choice. Having just got back from a trip to Sorrento (to finally tick Pompeii off her bucket list) she’ll be beating the winter blues by jetting off every month until the New Year. Berlin, Prague and St Lucia are all on the list. Plus, come February she’ll be chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Likes: City breaks, food (especially sushi) and to-do lists.

Dislikes: Being late (although she always is), clapping when the plane lands, and being cold.

First holiday memory: Age 7 in France, accidentally floating too far out to sea clutching her swan-shaped inflatable, and being rescued by a dreamy French boy.

Top travel tip: Research, research, research. You can never prepare too much, plus it helps ramp up your excitement for your trip.

Where next: Sampling some beer in Berlin.

Favourite holiday destination: So far, Bali. Amazing food, beautiful temples, and £5 massages? Yes please.

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