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Lucy Perrin is a Lifestyle Editor for First Choice. She’s just flown back from Paphos, and has been thinking about relocating to a beach hut near its stunning Blue Lagoon ever since (she wishes). Last month was spent haggling in Marrakech’s souks for trinkets to jazz up her flat, and she definitely didn’t regret leaving space in her case for souvenirs. But, what’s up there with her all-time favourite trips? Hammock-lounging in Koh Tao, washing baby elephants in Sri Lanka and tucking into coconut curries in Goa. Up next? She really fancies ticking off Tobago in the Caribbean, if anyone’s offering…

Likes:  Puns, festivals, Louis Theroux documentaries and the snooze button.

Dislikes: Alarms, peanuts and running out of outfits.

First holiday memory: Driving around Europe with her grandparents in their motorhome.

Top travel tip: Watch where the locals eat, shop and visit, and follow them to experience a destination’s true flavour.

Where next: Stockholm for its Christmas markets.

Favourite holiday destination: Very tricky! To date, probably Sri Lanka because it’s got a bit of everything. Or, Paris for walks down the Siene.

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