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  • It’s the season of giving, and here at First Choice, we’ve got a special present for you to ‘un-rap’ – our TV ad. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about how this musical masterpiece came about, so here’s the lowdown…

    Who are the family in the First Choice TV advert?

    Meet the Turners – the all-star, all-rapping family from our TV ad…

    Dad Mike and mum Janet…


    …and kids Harry and Gracie. Watch out for Gracie, she’s got some sass.


    Where is the First Choice TV ad filmed?

    The super-sized, All Inclusive resort that features in our advert is none other than Holiday Village Turkey. This beachfront complex is backed by gorgeous mountains and lines up seven pools – so you’ve got one for every day of the week. You can also get stuck into activities like raft-building, crazy golf, canoeing and aeroball, too.

    Every Holiday Villages resort comes with a high ropes Aerial Adventure course, and football, swim and stage academies to keep the kids busy. When it comes to dining, there’s something to suit even the fussiest of eaters. You’ve got a big buffet with a special kids section, plus an Italian, Turkish and Asian à la carte to choose from.

    Fun filming facts

    Wondering how we put the whole thing together? Here are the behind-the-scenes facts you need to know…

    • The ad featured 50 pink towels, 50 inflatable rings to fill the pool and 240 light bulbs to create the custom-built stage.

    • The whole thing took just 2 days to film – pretty impressive for a masterpiece.

    • We had a film crew of 56.

    • The 14 cast members had a whopping 50 costume changes.

    • One set of outfits were handmade in 30 minutes – you can’t say we don’t work quickly.


    • The temperature during filming peaked at 35 degrees, so jumping in to the pool after we wrapped scenes was a must.

    • The kids had to do schoolwork between filming – much to their disappointment.

    • The food scene took two hours to build, seven minutes to film and two minutes to dismantle. It was truly all hands on deck.

    • Between the cast and crew, 600 bottles of water were consumed over the two days of filming.

    What are the lyrics to the First Choice TV advert song?

    Can’t get that song out of your head? Fancy rapping along? Here are those lyrics in full to help you out…

    Yo, yo, yo
    Let’s go, go, go
    A to the I

    When it comes to family vacays
    First Choice got kung fu skills
    The Grand Masters of All Inclusive
    Black belts in no bar bills
    They’re the czars of spas and swim-up bars
    The big kahunas of the beach
    The chiefs of reefs and aperitifs
    The maestros of all-you-can-eat

    Shout A to the I these hols are hella good
    You gotta go with the know like you know you should
    A to the I these hols are hella good
    So go with the know like you know you should

    We sip on iced rosie lee with our afternoon tea
    Makes a change from gin and juice
    We crustacean cray , and nibble fancy pâté
    Second helpings of tiramisu
    But I ain’t too full, so grab your coat you’ve pulled
    Let’s send the little ones off to bed
    Quite fancy my chances if you accept my advances
    But leave it there, this is pre-watershed

    You won’t catch me smuggling budgies
    I let my board shorts hang loose and free
    No ten tonne wallet bulging out my pocket
    And that ain’t no hyperbole
    We got all the thrills without the sneaky bills
    Hidden extras we pooh-pooh
    We’re not being mean but we ain’t flashing no green
    Our credit card’s on holiday too

    We don’t need to comply when we fly sky high
    Jet straight outta Birmingham
    There ain’t nothing silly ‘bout a week of willy-nilly
    We’re just flexing our own programme
    We’re the bosses of our own holidays
    We’re the kings of fly and flop
    So go mahoosive with the All Inclusive
    That’s it, end of story, full stop.

    Ready to book your next A to the I escape?

    Browse our full range of holidays here. Or, read what’s included in an All Inclusive holiday and best holidays for large families if you need more convincing.