• Travel writer, Catherine Roberts, scoped out the best beaches in Barbados for your reading pleasure. It was hard work, but somebody had to do it…

    Choosing the best beaches in Barbados was tough. I had to pad along the sand to check its quality. Test the sunloungers. Judge the food offerings. Check out the sunsets. Sorry, I’ll stop now. By the end of the holiday, I’d become a bit of a beach expert – and therefore well-qualified to name the top 3 beaches in Barbados. Here’s my countdown…

    1) Dover Beach, St Lawrence Gap

    This is where my friend and I stayed, so maybe I’m a little biased. But who wouldn’t be? I mean, look – this was on our doorstep…

    Barbados_St Lawrence Gap2
    To be honest, it was love at first sight. We stepped off the plane, left our bags at our hotel in St Lawrence, and headed straight to Dover Beach. It was the colours that had me scrabbling for my camera phone. The boats are all done up in tropical pinks. The sand’s dazzling white and the sea is bright turquoise. Just gorgeous.

    And there’s plenty to keep you there all day. A cluster of food huts serve treats like flying fish sandwiches and rum punch. Catamarans are for hire, if you fancy heading out to sea. Plus, St Lawrence Gap’s main strip is just around the corner.

    2) Rockley Beach

    Rockley Beach, AKA Accra Beach, is one of the biggest beaches on the south coast. The whole place has a lively, international vibe, with families and groups of friends outnumbering the usual honeymooners. That’s all down to the crop of big beach hotels in the neighbourhood.

    Barbados beach - Rockley

    We easily whiled away the day at Rockley. Souvenir stalls and food shacks back the sands, and you can have a go at watersports. When we visited in March, it was surfing and body boarding central.

    3) Sandy Lane Beach

    The stars fall over themselves to get a front row seat on Sandy Lane Beach. It’s been that way for years and things don’t look to change any time soon – these days you could bump into Kylie, Rihanna or the Beckham clan while kicking back here.

    Barbados beach - Sandy Lane

    Sandy Lane is in St James, right by the Club Barbados Resort and Spa.

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