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    It’s official – staying in is the new going out. On the hunt for some travel inspo while sofa sunbathing? You’ll find loads of ideas for your post-lockdown getaway on our blog.

    If you’re planning a family holiday with older kids and want to score some parent points, we’ve got you covered. Most teens are looking for action-packed adventure holidays that don’t involve sitting by the pool with the parents day in day out. They want plenty of choice when it comes to food and drink, and when offered a bit of extra independence, they’ll bite your arm off. So, how do hardworking parents go about planning a well-deserved family break, without leaving their teens wishing they were somewhere else? Introducing our TUI MAGIC LIFE clubs – the perfect family hotels for All Inclusive holidays with teenage children. Here’s how they work…

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    1. Get them involved

    A bunch of parents say that their saving grace when booking family holidays is involving their teenagers in choosing where to go. At this time of their lives, teens are scrabbling for independence, so letting them have a say can work a treat. You also need somewhere that the whole gang can have their space, where teens can slope off whenever they like to meet new friends or play sports, without the need for mum or dad to be looking over their shoulder. You’ll find that each TUI MAGIC LIFE club offers just that. They’re all pulled up next to sandy stretches, so you’ll have sea views on tap.

    Make a splash on your next family adventure at the TUI MAGIC LIFE Belek

    2. It’s all included

    TUI MAGIC LIFE clubs are packed to the rafters with fun things to do, meaning your teens have lots of options when it comes to letting off steam. Food, drink and activities are on offer from sunrise to sunset, plus a shedload of them are included within the cost of your holiday. This means your kids won’t need to come knocking for pocket money every time they want to try out a new sport or grab something to eat, giving them that extra sense of freedom. At the TUI MAGIC LIFE Skanes in Tunisia, teens can expect a dedicated zone, teen-friendly fitness classes, eSports tournaments and DJ workshops – to name just a few.

    Treat your teen to a holiday at the TUI MAGIC LIFE Skanes

    3. Family time

    The variety of activities on offer at TUI MAGIC LIFE clubs goes above and beyond your average hotel. Time together’s important while you’re away – you’re on a family holiday, after all – so there are lots of things that everyone can team up for, like archery, football competitions and outdoor cinema screenings. They all come under the All Inclusive umbrella, too. Plus, the rooms are set up so everyone in the family has space to chill out – which is especially important for families with teenagers. Some clubs, like the TUI MAGLIC LIFE Plimmiri, even have rooms with private pools, shared between just your room and the one next door, so family time’s sorted.

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    4. Out-there activities

    The to-do list at our TUI MAGIC LIFE hotels has bits targeted specifically towards teens, including DJ sessions, colour splash parties and video gaming tournaments. There’s a handful of quirky things to try, too. Kangaroo jumping, where you bounce around wearing springy boots, is on the agenda at the clubs in Rhodes and Fuerteventura. Then you’ve got mono-skiing, where you balance on one big ski, rather than the traditional two. And in between all of that, your young‘uns can just chill in their own dedicated hangout area or on the beach. The separate kids’ clubs mean littler ones are covered, too. Plus, some of our TUI MAGIC LIFE clubs have their very own watersports centres, where you can shell out a little extra to try the likes of stand-up paddle boarding and scuba diving.

    Book a break at TUI MAGIC LIFE Kalawy Imperial and snorkel over its off-shore coral reef

    FYI, this blog was posted before COVID-19.

    TUI MAGIC LIFE clubs are scattered throughout Europe, including a new property in Italy’s Calabria region, where the grounds are so huge you could mistake it for a national park.

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