There’s a lot to choose from when you fancy packing your bags and jetsetting around Europe. With over 50 countries to try out, it’s tough to choose where to spend a long weekend or a week-long soiree. Don’t panic. We’ve picked out our best European hotspots to narrow it down for you. Grab a trip to your fave, or work your way through the list – we won’t judge.

    Make tracks to Malta


    Valletta’s the European Capital of Culture, so you’re in great company when you head to its shores. But it’s not just for history buffs – check out the up and coming marinas, swanky wine bars and high-end restaurants. The designer shopping shouldn’t be too much of a hardship, either. And, thanks to its handy location in the Mediterranean Sea, your flight’s under three and a half hours, so you’ll be slipping into your sarong in less time than it took to pack.


    Call in at Croatia

    Croatia was last year’s ‘it’ destination, and there’s no slowing it down this year, either. There’s the magical Old Town that’s full of snap-worthy sights, not to mention some sneaky Game of Thrones location-spotting. Kings Landing, anyone? Then there’s the island-speckled coastline. Hop between glitzy, yacht-filled marinas, sleepy villages, and secluded beaches and pick a spot that suits your mood.

    Set your sights on Santorini

    It’s not hard to see why Santorini is one of our fave Greek destinations. Those sunsets are pure Instagram fodder, and the white and blue buildings that teeter on the hillsides will have your followers wishing they could join you.


    Marvel at Madeira

    Madeira made it into Trip Advisor’s top 25 list last year. Avoid FOMO and get yourself on a plane, stat. Instead of beaches, you’ve got more botanical landscapes than you can shake a trowel at – the island’s not called ‘the Floating Garden’ for nothing. And what else is it famous for? Wine, of course. Head to one of the many wineries to sample it for yourself – or visit during the week-long wine festival and turn yourself into a proper connoisseur.

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