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  • Lizzie Butler

    Fancy yourself a thrill seeker and a nature lover? Want to spend your days in the rainforest and on the beach? If you’re nodding vigorously, it’s time to get booking a holiday to Costa Rica. But hang on a minute – do you know when’s the best time to go? We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to…

    When is dry season?

    The weather is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your holiday – after all, we specialise in a lovely damp summer in the UK, so you don’t need to get on a plane to experience that. Each region has its own climate in Costa Rica, so consider this when booking your trip. Dry season is from December to April across most of the country, but unlike other regions, the Caribbean Coast experiences hot, dry weather in September and October as well. So, you’ve got ample opportunities exploring. There’s loads to do in Costa Rica during the dry season – if you opt for an experience like the Diamante Ultimate Experience, you can combine activities such as ziplining and quad biking, snorkelling, and visiting an animal sanctuary into one day trip. If you prefer the coast to the forest, try your hand at surf lessons, or just hang out on the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather. Temperatures can reach the mid 30s during dry season, so you’ll need the SPF however you decide to spend the day.

    When is rainy season?

    If you’ve never experienced a rainy season before, the tropical climate puts on a real show-stopper for tourists. It can feel like the sky is emptying every drop of water in the clouds on you, but within an hour or two it will all be over. Rainy season is responsible for the lush greenery associated with the rainforest, and creates a truly authentic experience for tourists who choose to go at this time of year. The wet weather starts from April and continues until November, heaviest in September and October on the Pacific Coast. Temperatures hover between the high 20s to low 30s, but the damp weather will heighten the humidity in the rainforest. Roads can also become blocked at this time of year, due to flooding, so be aware of this when planning trips.

    When is it quietest in Costa Rica?

    Rainy season is typically a much quieter period for tourism in Costa Rica, which makes it a good time to go if dry weather isn’t a deal breaker for you. Fewer tourists mean more opportunities to get to know the real Costa Rica – you can meet the locals, experience what it’s like to live through a rainstorm, and won’t have to fight for space in bars and restaurants. Some travellers actually prefer to visit during the rainy season because it’s less crowded. As the rainy periods only last for short bursts – that tend to be in the afternoon – you can still get your fill of sun and enjoy activities like white water rafting. The rain can actually help cool the temperature too, so if you’re not a fan of scorching heat, this might be the time of year for you.

    When is the best time to see the wildlife?

    Costa Rica has all kinds of exotic wildlife worth making a trip for, and wetter months really allow it to flourish. The rainy season is a good time to go to avoid crowds. And, as the rainforest thrives, so do the animals living in it – their food is plentiful, and new-borns are arriving in their droves. Tortuguero, on the Caribbean Coast, is a haven for several types of turtles, including the endangered green turtle. You can see them hatch from July to October here.

    Ready to get tropical?

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