• Kos might be a tiny Greek island, but it packs in loads of history and heritage. If you love a good ye olde fact, myth or legend, here’s how you can take a journey through time and experience all three in one trip…

    What is the Myths and Legends excursion?

    The Myths and Legends excursion takes you to Kos’ best historic hotspots. You’ll explore Byzantine and Ottoman architecture in Kos Town, including the Castle of the Knights, visit an ancient Asclepeion, and potter around the quaint hilltop town of Zia. Whether you’re enjoying a long holiday on the island, or you’re just in Kos for a short break, this is the perfect whistle-stop tour of some of the island’s historic attractions. This trip is also part of our TUI collection excursions, which are a special set of exclusive excursions tailored to each destination and designed to give you a true taste of the local culture.

    What will I do on the Myths and Legends excursion?

    You’ll start off in Kos Town, which is dripping in history. This place was ruled by the Romans back in the day, and there are Roman baths, an amphitheatre, an old market place and a gymnasium to explore. You’ll visit the Castle of the Knights, which guards the harbour, and get a great view of the old town from the top. And, right next door there’s an Ottoman mosque with a pretty minaret to explore.

    After seeing the sights of Kos Town, it’s onto the ruins of an ancient Asclepeion, which is a healing temple that dates back to 350 BC, said to be sacred to the Greek god Asclepius. This one is located at the top of a pine-clad hill and boasts views over Kos Town and even Turkey (which is just 20 minutes away). You’ll wander around the crumbling ruins and get the chance to visit the complex of Roman Baths on site, too.

    Your final stop for the day is Zia – a small, pretty village hidden among lush green forests on the slopes of Mountain Dikeos. There are three churches to visit, at the entrance of the village, plus loads of shops and tavernas to duck into. You’ll get amazing views over Kos from the top, and you’ll have some free time to browse the shops, stock up on souvenirs and grab a cool drink from the taverna. Zia is a famous sunset spot, so if you’re visiting at the right time of year, you might be able to grab some spectacular sunset selfies, too.

    Who would enjoy it?

    History buffs will love this tour, as it delves deep into Kos’ culture. You’ll have a guide with you the whole way to tell you all the myths, legends and stories attached to the ancient sites and crumbling architecture. If you’re on a short trip or weekend break, this is a great way to cram in all the cultural hotspots and tick off some famous sights, giving you the rest of your holiday to relax on the beach.

    Unfortunately, this tour isn’t suitable for families with buggies, due to the walking involved and rough terrain at the ancient sites.

    What do I need to bring with me?

    This full day excursion is pretty full-on on the walking front, so make sure you wear your sturdy shoes and take a sun hat. Bring bottles of water to keep hydrated along the way, and of course your camera or smartphone to take lots of photos. Asclepeion admission is not included, so you’ll need to bring along some extra euros for that, plus you’ll get the chance to browse the shops and have a cool-down drink in the taverna.

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