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    It’s official – staying in is the new going out. On the hunt for some travel inspo while sofa sunbathing? You’ll find loads of ideas for your post-lockdown getaway on our blog.

    Holidays and happiness go hand in hand. There’s nothing that gets us smiling quite like waving goodbye to gloomy weather and work, and saying hello to heaping on the relaxation. Though we can’t travel right now, we can still dream about where we’ll go next. We want to help you make the most of your future getaways, so we’ve put together a list of our top smile-inspiring hotspots…


    Where’s the sunniest?

    Catching some rays goes a long way to make you happy. Scientists say that getting a decent dose of vitamin D’s good for your health, plus sunlight helps your body release feel-good chemicals. We offer getaways to stacks of sun-soaked destinations, but Tenerife’s famous for its impressive average of 365 days of sun per year.  Yep, that’s every single day. It’s no wonder that Tenerife’s the most popular Canary Island with holidaymakers, as well as being the biggest.

    The island offers a smorgasbord of beaches in every shade, from bright-white to volcanic black, which each provide an ideal venue for sun worshipping. Why not stump for a stay at the Holiday Village Tenerife? Set on the island’s south coast, this hotel hotspot lines up a trio of pools for lounging around, including one chock-full with waterslides, as well as offering lots of adventurous outdoor activities to max out your time in the sun.

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    Where’s the least rainy?

    Whether it’s the black cloud-cloaked skies, the damp clothes, or the horrible effect it has on your hair, there’s no getting around the fact that rain makes you miserable. We Brits have plenty of showers to be getting on with at home – having a bone-dry break’s bound to make us feel pretty cheerful. Sound good? We recommend an escape to Egypt. Marsa Alam’s subtropical desert climate means that every month of the year boasts an average of zero days of rain – it doesn’t get drier than that.

    Rain might be out of the picture, but you don’t have to wave goodbye to water on holidays to Marsa Alam. This beachy spot has snapped up a prime position on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast, and there’s plenty to keep you busy below the waves. Marsa Alam’s shoreline is carpeted with kaleidoscopic coral, which comes complete with tonnes of tropical fish. If that tickles your fancy, stay at the Akassia Club Calimera, and you’ll have access to the hotel’s very own coral reef.

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    Where’s the most nature-friendly?

    We love a country walk as much as the next person, but some clever scientists have worked out that getting close to nature actually has some serious mood-boosting effects. So where’s the best place to get your green fix? As well as being beach-edged, Costa Rica’s blanketed with jungle-veiled volcanoes, emerald-green coffee plantations, and rainforests ripe for exploration.

    This place offers up loads of opportunities to become besties with Mother Nature, too. Whether you want to discover tropical jungles on a hike, or get your heart pumping with a zip-line through the treetops, Costa Rica’s got it covered.  The Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica blends right into the green-tinted landscape – forest-cloaked mountains wrap right around it. And, what’s more, Costa Rica’s on the ball when it comes to protecting the environment. In fact, in 2017, the country got all of its energy from renewable sources for over 300 days of the year, so you can enjoy your nature-filled holiday guilt-free. Now that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

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    FYI, this blog was posted before COVID-19.

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