• Jetting off with a little one in tow can be tough. With these top ten pointers from our experts at Aldi’s Parent Panel, as well as Dr Philippa Kaye, Dr Dionysios Alexandrou and Sioned Hilton, we’ve got you covered so you and baby can have a stress-free flight…

    1) Take plenty of nappies, wipes and changes of clothes, including a change of clothes for yourself in case things get a bit messy.

    2) Dress your baby in layers which can easily be removed or added to keep your baby nice and warm, as aircrafts can often be chilly.

    3) Remember some toys to keep them amused.

    4) The cabin pressure changes during take-off and landing create a pressure difference on the two sides of the eardrums of babies, which can result in an intense pain in the ears. Offering your little one a bottle or at least a dummy will help balance out the pressures in the eardrum and soothe the pain, since sucking and swallowing help to open up the special tube connecting the inner part of the eardrum with the back of the throat. It will also help them to sleep through the flight. Fingers crossed!

    5) If your baby has not yet had their full round of immunisations, time to get them booked in with your GP. There is no doubt that a baby’s immune system isn’t properly developed, so do check with your doctor before flying to protect your child from potential germs and viruses that could spread around an aeroplane cabin.

    6) Most babies start developing a day and night sleep pattern after three months of age. Up until that age, jet lag shouldn’t be an issue.

    7) Bear in mind that space is limited on planes. If you’re breast feeding, your little one will need easy access to food, so wear loose fitted clothing while travelling.

    8) At airport security, be prepared that you may be asked to drink your baby’s bottled milk for safety reasons.

    9) Don’t overload with hand luggage. Sometimes it pays to check in extra bags – getting on and off the plane with baby plus your hands full can be a challenge.

    10) Don’t be afraid to get out of your seat and take a wander around the plane during the flight. This can help a baby to get more comfortable with its surroundings.

    – For health and safety reasons, an infant must be more than 14 days old to travel on a Thomson airways aircraft.
    – If you’ve had a C-section, you may be advised to wait six weeks before flying, so do check with your doctor.
    – Regardless of age, your baby will need a passport to fly.

    Thanks to our experts:
    Aldi’s Parent Panel, Dr Philippa Kaye, Sioned Hilton and Dr Alexandrou, Consultant Paediatrician at The Portland Hospital.