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  • Lizzie Butler

    Do you dream of escaping to faraway shores? Relaxing to the bewitching sound of waves lapping on the beach, drinking out of coconuts with your other half (that pic is going straight on Facebook), and returning with a tan that lasts for weeks? Do you instead find yourself with serious FOMO, unable to book that dream holiday because you’re too scared to get on a plane? You’re not alone. But how can you beat your fear? We’ve got a few suggestions. You’ll be grabbing one of our summer deals in no time…

    Get savvy on the bangs and bumps

    When you’re facing a fear, it’s often the fear of the unknown that’s scarier than the actual fear itself. Knowledge is power, so take some time to learn about the parts of flying that scare you before you get on your flight. Turbulence can be scary regardless of how confident you feel flying, but it’s actually a very regular occurrence – caused by wind, jet streams, and rising air. Pilots check the weather to know when to expect turbulence, and planes are built to withstand it. So don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

    Make yourself comfortable

    Think about what will make you feel comfy when you’re on the plane, before you get on your flight. That might mean choosing where you sit – would you prefer a window seat, so you can see the horizon? Or an aisle seat so you can easily get up and stretch your legs? On First Choice holidays you can pre-select your seats after you’ve booked, so you can feel confident you’ll be happy before you’ve boarded the plane. Bring a neck pillow and some headphones, wear comfy clothes, and browse the cafe menu. But be careful to avoid coffee if you’re feeling jittery – caffeine fuels anxiety.

    Distract yourself

    If you still think you’ll be nervous on the plane, have a plan. Bring a book in your hand luggage, listen to some music, or chat with your travel buddy about what you’re planning on doing once you arrive. If you’re flying long-haul, check out the selection of inflight movies or bring an eye mask to get some sleep. And if you’re on one of our Dreamliner planes, you get the added bonus of them being quieter than standard planes. So, it’s easier to get some shut eye, and you’ll have arrived before you know it.

    Relax – you’re on holiday!

    Don’t forget that you’re supposed to be having a good time, and the flight is just one tiny part of your holiday. Remember that the staff on the flight have done this a million times before, and they’re there to make your journey as comfortable as possible – so don’t be afraid to ask them for anything that would help. So there you go – FOMO, conquered. Sunny climes, here you come.

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