• Hannah Stratton

    So, you’re set on booking an escape, but want to dial back the strain on your credit card? We’ve got you covered, with our step-by-step guide to saving money by bagging that cheap break.

    1. Keep an eye out for deals

    We keep our  deals page well-stocked with all our best bargains to keep your bank account happy. And, if there’s a code you can use to save more on your holiday, you’ll find it on the discount code page, too.

    Take a look at our discount code page and deals page 


    2. Go All Inclusive

    Although the upfront cost of booking a cheap flight and budget hotel might be low, once you add up all the extras – hotel, food, drink, snacks, entertainment, even upgrading from hand luggage to hold luggage – it’s not so bargain-friendly after all. Book an All Inclusive package holiday with First Choice and you’ll know where you stand when it comes to cost. Plus, the whole lot often works out cheaper.

    Check out our All Inclusive calculator to work out how much you could save


    3. Travel outside of peak times

    If you don’t have to travel during the school holidays, make sure you take advantage. Demand goes way down outside of these peak periods, so prices plummet, too. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your summer holiday – there are lots of sunny hols on offer in May, June, early July, and into September, during term time.

    You can make even more savings by booking your departure on special occasions like Christmas and New Year, too, when even fewer people want to fly. What’s more, you don’t have to stick to the classic bargain destinations in Europe. If you play your cards right, long-haul holidays can be bought at a steal.



    4. Look out for free kids’ places

    If you are stuck to school holiday times, don’t despair. You can save money on your holiday by looking out for our free kids’ places, and taking one of the little ones at no extra cost.

    Here’s our free kids’ place finder to get you started


    5. Be flexible

    If you’re not set on a time or holiday destination, you’ll have tonnes more top deals to choose from. Last-minute deals are often the cheapest option. Or, you can plan ahead to next summer, and bag the best deals early, leaving you lots of time to spread out the cost of your holiday.

    Check out our last-minute deals

    Take a look at our holidays for next summer



    6. Weigh your luggage

    When you’re prepping to go, make sure you weigh your bag and check it’s within the luggage allowance limit. If not, you can start to rack up budget-busting extra charges.

    Have a read of our packing hacks to get some tips


    Now you’re ready to get booking, have a browse of our holidays. We go to loads of destinations, from the Costa del Sol to Costa Rica.

    Plus, find out why budget doesn’t have to be basic, and why Holiday Villages are ideal for families.

    Make sure you keep up to date on our latest travel tips on our First Choice Inspire homepage.