• After a long 2 week slog, January 17th is the official day that most people give up their New Year’s Resolutions. We don’t want you to feel bad about quitting, so here’s how breaking them will save you money towards a holiday…

    Swap your gym membership for a luxurious beach holiday

    You might have been coerced into forking out for an expensive gym membership, but how many times have you been so far? If the motivation isn’t there, no Olympic-sized pools, top-of-the-range gym machines or eucalyptus-infused steam rooms are going to make you go. Save yourself months of debating whether or not you should cancel and make the chop now. The free option of exercising outside is actually proven to burn more calories, so you’ll be getting more bang for absolutely no bucks.

    Average gym membership: £40

    Savings over 12 months: £480


    Swap a superfood diet for a stylish city break in Marrakech

    Every year, the list of supplements, seeds, berries and superfoods that we suddenly need to incorporate into our diets seems to change. By the time you’ve made your pumpkin, coconut and flaxseed soup, it’s out of fashion. And what about those spiralisers and smoothie makers that are no doubt already gathering dust? Swap the likes of Manuka honey and dried acai berries with good old traditional fruit and veg and you’ll see a lot of change to your bank balance (and absolutely no change to your super-ness).

    Average cost of Manuka honey, bee pollen, spirulina and acai berries: £30

    Savings over 12 months: £360


    Swap an image overhaul for an adventure in Sri Lanka

    Is new year, new you your theme for 2016? The good news is, you can still achieve an image overhaul without going on a huge designer shopping spree or booking pricey beauty treatments. YouTuber Brit Morin shows you how to make clothes and accessories yourself, Runway Done My Way shows you how to revamp your old wardrobe, and Holland and Barrett even show you how to make your own natural beauty products. It’s only been 2 weeks so you still have time to haul that designer clobber back to the shop.

    Expensive facials + clothes + hair appointments: ££££

    Savings over 12 months: A lot

    sri lanka 3

    Swap your new found hobbies for sampling pizza in Sorrento

    We’re not saying you shouldn’t learn things of course. I mean, what sort of example would that set? BUT just how long will you realistically carry on those French cooking/piccolo playing/salsa classes? If an online class just isn’t good enough and you’re desperate to get back into a classroom, sign up to the free taster sessions first to actually gauge whether you’re going to continue. Chances are you won’t, but it’s a sacrifice worth making for a holiday.

    Average cost of classes: £25

    Savings over 12 months: £300


    And the resolutions that will actually save you money…

    • Save money
    • Quit smoking
    • Catch up on all those boxsets – aka an excuse not to go out
    • Limit social media – fomo is expensive you know
    • Sleep more

    After you’ve ditched those resolutions, browse our all our holiday deals here.