• If you go on holiday to Goa and come back empty-handed, you’re not going to be in anyone’s good books. Luckily for you, there are tonnes of flea markets to pick up some souvenirs. Here are our favourites…

    Anjuna Flea Market

    When? Wednesdays
    What can I buy? Your Full Moon Party outfit, souvenirs, local handmade crafts, cheap beachwear.
    This is one of Goa’s most popular tourist attractions, and for good reason too. Everything for sale comes from all over India, from sculptures to saris, handmade souvenirs to fake designer goodies – don’t worry, no-one at home will ever be able to tell the difference. And if you’re off to a Full Moon Party during your trip, they’ve got more neon gear than you could shake a glow stick at. Forgotten your bikini, or just fancy a change? You can take your pick of everything from cheap swim shorts to one-pieces that will get you noticed on the beach. Plus, you’ll get a whole heap of bargains, because haggling isn’t just welcomed here, it’s expected.


    Saturday Night Market At Arpora

    When? Saturday, obviously.
    What can I buy? Jewellery, accessories, bags, cocktails.
    What better way to spend your Saturday night than shopping til you drop in a market that has live music, bars and lively restaurant stalls. No more traipsing around painfully trying to find a present you hope your mum would like, it’s party time. At the Arpora market you’ll have a daiquiri in one hand, and the other free to browse clothes, accessories and jewellery, as well as loads of other things.

    Mapusa Market

    When? Friday
    What can I buy? Spices, fresh fruit, pottery, bamboo products
    If you’re looking for some authentic products, then this is the market for you. Locally-grown fruit and spices are sold here, as well as handmade pottery and bamboo products. And you can’t leave the market without sampling the tasty food on offer – we’re talking homemade chourico sausages and Tamarind, which offer an authentic taste of Goa with every bite.


    Calangute Bazaar

    When? Saturday
    What can I buy? Jewellery, textiles, a glimpse into your future
    Here you’ll find a souvenir for everyone, with an assortment of local vendors selling everything from textiles to handmade jewellery pieces. And once you’re all shopped out, you can head to the fortune tellers who will offer to read your cards and predict your future.

    Mackies Market

    When? Saturday
    What can I buy? Arts and crafts, quirky souvenirs
    With brightly coloured stalls lining a river on one side and a saltwater lake on the other, this market is one of the prettiest in Goa. And despite being smaller than some of the other markets, it still has lots to offer. This is the perfect spot to pick up any unique souvenirs and crafts for those back at home who might be a little tougher to buy for, as no-one can resist the authentic Goan charms from Mackies Market.


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