• Ready to book next year’s holiday already? We don’t blame you. Here are our top picks for 2018, from close-to-home Croatia to far flung tropical paradise, Mauritius


    Croatia has been the place to be for quite a long time already, but the best news is, there’s so much of the country to see. You can take an island-hopping tour and explore the Dalmatian Coast, get your Game of Thrones fix in the old town of Dubrovnik, or head up north to explore the famous Plitvice Lakes. The UNESCO-listed Plitvice National Park lines up waterfalls and over a thousand species of plant in just about every shade of green. After you’ve filled up your Insta-feed with endless snaps, you can take a dip in the bath-warm waters too – there are over 16 lakes for you to test.


    This up-and-coming Eastern European gem has it all, and at a wallet-friendly price, too. A pint of local beer costs around £1.50, and you can grab dinner for two for around £20. If you’re a culture buff, you’ll love Varna with its old Roman baths, thermal springs, and historical sites to visit. Or head to Sunny Beach for endless swathes of sand, bars and restaurants on tap, and waterparks for the kids. In July and August, you’ll get up to 11 hours of sunshine per day, so if you’re a committed sun seeker, this is the destination for you.


    Our newest addition to the Holiday Villages family is Holiday Village Montenegro – a brand-new resort in the Ulcinj region. It’s officially opening in summer 2018, which means you can book your holiday there right now, and it comes with all the famous Holiday Villages facilities like an Aerial Adventure course, à la carte eateries and swim-up rooms. When you want to get out and about, you’ll find a coastline crammed with over 100 beaches, a smattering of mirror-like lakes and loads of mountains and forests to get lost in. The town of Ulcinj is packed with a mix of Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, so you’ll enjoy walking along cobblestone streets and exploring Venetian palaces.


    This dreamy tropical island offers so much more than sandy beaches and boutique hotels – although we’d be pretty happy with both. You’ve got nature-filled national parks, old colonial architecture, and unique sights like the Seven Coloured Sands. If you’re an animal lover, you can head to Île aux Aigrettes national park to see actual pink pigeons, parakeets and Aldabra giant tortoises. Plus, Mauritius is celebrating its 50th year of Independence in 2018, so you can guarantee street parties and fun-filled soirees will be on the agenda.

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