Like it HOT? The Med is drenched in sun in August, so make your way down to the Balearics, the French Riviera, or Italy’s coast. If you don’t like the dry heat, now’s a good time to explore somewhere new.

Austria, Switzerland and Germany are all about hiking through mountain meadows and soaking up the scenery at this time of year. And if Scandinavia’s always sounded a little too chilly for you, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are all sitting around the low 20s, so it’s definitely t-shirt and sunnies weather – and there are even some Blue Flag beaches if you’re feeling brave.

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Now’s the time to see the northern hemisphere in all its glory. Europe’s looking pretty sun kissed right now, and north-African countries like Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt are pushing the mid-30s. The Canary Islands are at their hottest in August. Or for somewhere tropical, it’s a good time to visit Mauritius, as it’s cooled down to a more-bearable average of 25˚C.

Use those two bank holidays wisely. A three or four-day trip is just right for a hiking holiday in the Alps or the Dolomites, and it’s definitely long enough for a city break. August is of course peak season, so locking in your plans as early as possible can make things a lot cheaper.

You might have to think outside the box if you’re looking for a bargain, and that means doing the opposite of what everyone else wants to do. If you don’t mind a bit of rain, now’s one of the cheapest times to visit the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. It doesn’t mean 24/7 downpours, but you’ll want to carry a rain mac around with you just in case. These spots have a more laidback, authentic feel out of their peak tourist seasons, and everything is much less expensive.